Ashley Pridgen, Snorg Tee’s model, is having breast reduction surgery (17 Photos)

Ashley Pridgen announced via her Facebook Page, that she's having breast reduction surgery surgery shortly. So let's bid farewell to Ashley's awesome boobage and wish her the best in her new life; one where people actually look in her eyes. It's a good choice for her personally, but is it a good move professionally?

  • homeslicez

    I don't get her Facebook message. As if only perverts would stare at her enormous beautiful breasts. Would only perverted females stare at an enormous penis if it was out there? "Perverse" = "being sexually attracted to physical traits"? …extd

    • homeslicez

      Plus she uses her large breasts to great effect. In her t-shirt modelling, and in other modelling including a sassy video, where the camera zooms in on her breasts about every five seconds. I don't get how someone can criticize people from starting at his/her particular attractive trait; while at the same time exploiting that trait to give him/her special notice above competitors without such a trait.

      Seriously, I'm a pervert because my mind and groin respond to big nice breasts?

      Hey, they respond to nice faces too. Maybe every model and attractive actress should slice up her face, because if they don't it'll invite perverts like me to think their face is gorgeous? And of course, perverts like me can ONLY think a woman's face/breasts are gorgeous. We could never, ever, engage their personalities or see them as anything other than their face/breasts.

  • homeslicez

    One final point: any woman who really wants breast reduction should certainly have it. I just hope the reason is for health considerations, or self-esteem psych reasons, rather than placing the onus solely on men who stare overlong at their breasts.

    Second final and maybe redundant point: A man walks down the street with a long crease/bulge down his jeans due to his large penis. Do the women stare? If so, should the man get penis-reduction surgery?

  • decadentdave

    She is absolutely beautiful in my opinion.

  • mtngoat02

    The irony of her saying horny naysayers' opinion is not valid…

  • Dave

    Here's hoping the before and after pics are posted.

  • Dave

    If some of the ijits think she is "average" or below that…Id like to see what they are poking at night…

    • google

      right on, if you are male and don't think this girl is absolutely gorgeous you are probably homo

  • zed

    I wanna get Ashley PREGNANT-then watch her luscious breasts swell with MILK.. God! I'd love to milk those melons. She has delicious breast meat.

  • Ash

    You guys make me super curious. What would you actually do with my large breasts if you had the chance? I mean, seems like some of you would prefer to fondle and suck them dry. Is biting them an option? Milking them too?

  • Ryan

    Well, answering as if you were really Ashley, I would say yes, yes, yes, aaaannnd yes. Although, depending on what breast milk tastes like those second and last options might be a one shot deal. lol! Funny how breasts touch such a primal area in the male psyche. I'm a leg man but an impressive set of breasts still makes me sit up and take notice…

    And to the real Ashley, if you ever read this, ignore all the haters here. You're cute, spunky, feminine, and sexy. (And studying to be a teacher, even sexier!) Too bad this Orlando guy never met you Tampa girl… C'est la vie! (But you'll always be my favorite Snorgtees girl…)

  • Daniel

    My gf and I think she's so hot.

  • Whitney

    You are all immeasurably pathetic. Check out #6. This girl is GORGEOUS, that smile just makes me happy to see. Screw everyone who thinks a girl can only be hot from the neck down, and all who think that the only ones who are hot from the neck up are Paris Hilton clones.

  • Aidan

    maybe the reason people weren't looking into her eyes and were looking at her chest was because she was wearing all those snorg tees!!! durr

  • ShadewearOnline Scott

    The only reason anyone knows who she is is because of her huge tits. No tits=no attention.


    after her breast reduction ill never goto snorg tees or look at this girl again.

  • Charles

    yet to see any reduction, I would like to see it happen… wonder if her crappy art will sell, she'll just look like a dude, making those faces she makes her look more of a dude… not cute,

    • att84511

      She has a youtube posted at a Katie Perry concert this past summer. She was appeared healty and no butcher masquarading as a doctor had exacted her pound(s) of flesh!

  • nii356

    I wish her the best with her decision. All that really matters is whether or not she's happy, right? And if it's for her health, even better. I also doubt a reduction will effect her career; if all you need to be a model are breasts, fat dudes would be all over magazines too. hehe

  • Jason

    Bad idea. People will notice you're fat and look like a bulldog.

  • att84511

    Dated a chic in college who got it done (early 2000s), the scars were unsightly and we had to have a long talk before 2nd base because of it.

  • cyclingshirt

    The first thing to go when ANY girl diets is boobs. Just lose 10 pounds and 10 pounds of boob – GONE!

  • It's Like That

    I say go for the reduction. Only about 1 out of 100 pairs of tits actually look good when they're that big. Anybody who says otherwise, hasn't seen many sets and should probably STFU.

  • Ashley

    "Crapflinger" Enter the white knight of the internet, here to save the dignity of those who wont touch him.

    She has always been a crappy model and looks like she spit out a few kids already the only reason any of us are here is because…..of her boobs, cmon people read the title of the article every now and then to remind yourself why you came here in the first place.

  • Superabound1

    A tshirt model getting a breast reduction is like an Olympic runner amputating their legs.

  • arflech

    It took her over 1 and a half years after that announcement to go through with it: She got it done about 2 months ago.

  • Snorg luver

    Thats like slapping God in the face for giving you a beautiful gift!

  • billy

    She is sooooo beautiful the way she is. No wonder women like her decide to get them reduced with comments like these in this world. For us guys who find girls like her attractive it truly is a dismal world.

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