Daily Afternoon Randomness (45 Photos)

  • fasterthanu


    Jew Gold

  • Not First

    Just because #40 #41 #45

  • jhw

    #45 …. ever wear that dress backwards?

  • Goldengod01

    my couch pulls out but I dont

  • GoForth


    Your dress is on backwards

  • rock beefchest

    #4 Needs Pedobear approval I think.

  • BloodScrubber

    #45 Do you look the same going as you do coming? 🙂

  • comentur

    #45… Have the breast Christmas ever!!

  • thetech2

    40 ,41 merry freakin christmas to you sweetheart you are damn sexy and we need moar moar moar if 45 walked up to me I would be smooth like butta say all the right things and have her on my arm in minutes cause thats the way it goes in my dreams girls like that don't exist anywhere else

  • Fat kid

    #18 #19 Yes please leave the milkshake. The rest you can keep….

  • Guest

    #45 "How much are those going to set me back?"

  • Scott

    Picture # 3, It is at the Minnesota State Fair.

    • Wembley

      Yep. Just down the street from the Walgreens in #6

  • Jim

    #45 "Hi, you'll have to excuse me, I just pee'd a little…"

  • ck0

    #31 keanu?

  • DaveHM

    #40 the shirt says it all "Moar"

  • lookoutimacreep

    #45 "Ow, is that new mace, tastes different…"

  • Carly

    Thanks! For being nice Chivers, first time posting. Oh and to those that said I need bigger boobs…SORRY. maybe the Snorg Girl will give me her leftovers.
    – #40 #41

    • Not First

      If that's really you Carly, SEND MORE!!!!!!!!!!

      • Carly

        I'll try for next week! thankyou :]

        • Not First

          Awesome! BTW you are really smoking hot.

    • TheDonger

      Carly – don't go changing! You are perfect!

    • Your Mom's Dog

      You just made my Holidays Happy, Carly. Thanks!

    • Your Mom's Dog

      Also, you don't need big boobs when you got an ass like that!

  • spott the loonie

    I have #5
    Santa dosen't so much "defeat" them as "trains a new alien santa and is returned peacefully to earth".

  • Stanji

    #45 "Let's Go."

  • TheDonger

    If #45 walked up to me, I would probably say something extremely cool, but would probably sound like "uh… derp". Followed by an awkward sound – kind of like a "BOING" – followed by a little shudder, a feeling of wetness in my mid-frontal area – followed by me asking "cigarrette?"

  • PeterGun

    #10 made lagh my arse of…

    #15 made me think of my daughter who took her life 2 years ago. (CHIVE! suicidal jokes aint fun for all of us).

    #45 Wow, what beautifull artistic hands you have…

  • Ballzonya

    #6 "Meanwhile in Russia"

  • Chiveee

    #45 Who is your surgeon, because those are nice high profiles

  • http://www.facebook.com/MorganRayMorris Morgan Morris

    Can't believe someone labeled 5 a FAIL. WTF, that film is awesome!

  • Jonathan

    #23 maybe one of the funniest things I've ever read. I know. Sad. But at least I'm laughing now!

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