Hot Right Now: Sexy blogger’s got a way to handle sh*tty comments (26 Photos)

It’s Wednesday, you might as well JUMP (25 Photos)

  • Daaneskjold

    lol #11 won't jump for shit

    • RGH

      I think she is cracking the whip.

  • TCB12

    #17 I cant see her face, but FIND HER

  • lordberic

    #17 GIF?

  • Optimus Subprime

    Would ove to see the rebound on #13 !

    • LT B

      That is not going to end well….

  • Chris aka Lanky

    #19 is just straight up dope!

  • Keyser Soze

    and the winner is???……

  • WhiteGuyAtWork

    #17 what about gravity? I thought it was the law.

  • Rexter

    #11 can anyone explain where the 5th girl from the left went?

    • Blane26

      lol the fatty must've ate her in the split second between pictures,,,she might not be able to jump but she's lighting fast on her feet when food's involved…physics is tricky

  • top dog

    #23, If thats real, she's not gonna make it, or she is gonna come real close to hitting the rocks.

  • joe

    #17 those tits look fun.

  • Michael

    #8 and #17 are awesome!

  • adobe

    #4 pretty much sums up being a kid…god I miss that. Of course, helmets didn't exist in those days…FML.

  • The Dude

    #4 is epic. Kid gonna land on buddy's nuts, and third kid is just eating ice cream.

    #17; anti-gravity boobs??

  • luke

    It seems like almost all the surfer girl pictures are of Quincy Davis. Good pics but it seems as though they are almost always looked at and commented as being sexy and she is only 15.

  • John

    #18…… I am so jelly.

  • mgreen

    #17 wins

  • DollarBillUK

    #18 like a boss

  • jroy

    i wish #17 & #25 were one of those .gif files

  • Dizzle

    Chive bros! who is #25?

  • JOSH

    too many happy meals in # 11

  • robert

    child obesity yes its funny and its in #11

  • Ferocia

    #4 not gonna make it

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  • @elcocov

    #11 "doesnt get up and totally stays down"
    #17 is amazing

  • thatsright

    #17 #25 look awesomely sexy
    #23 looks like its gonna be awesomely hurtful

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