• top dog

    How many kids do any of you know that would rather have books than toys for Christmas? Me, none. If your mom or dad had given you books for Christmas you would have felt the same way, especially when you see all your friends out side playing with their new toys, and all you can do is play with your books. You give em books for school.

    • eim

      I dont know about you, but I ASKED for books for christmas when I was a kid. Anyone who hates reading needs to GTFO and check into reality outside of the television, computer and video games.

  • asdf

    that's the most hate-able kid I've ever seen. He needs to be knocked into next week.

  • J_Pooh

    when i was a kid i got a pillow shaped like a cat but i didnt' bitch about it

  • Brad Smith

    I really don't think it is all the kid's fault. The parents need the shit kicked out of them for 1) putting the video on the Internet in the first place, 2) laughing at him instead of explaining to him how lucky he is to have presents, warm clothes, and a nice house to live in, and 3) spoiling him rotten in the first place.

  • HellHath NoFury

    I would be mortified and ashamed if my child ever acted that way or even had that attitude inwardly. My daughter loves books, and when she receives a gift she isn't thrilled over, she still writes a thank-you note and appreciates it. Those parents should get a good whack.

  • Graham

    My mom wouldve slapped me silly. Then again, he got some cuteness working for him, so guess there is still hope.

    • Pedobear

      Hey, you stole my comment.

  • aosux


  • Emily

    wow.. While this is cute, I would have had my teeth knocked out of my mouth if I did that as a child

  • Chrissy

    Oh man I love this! Kids say the funniest things! Glad they got that on video – he should get a kick out of that when he's older! 🙂

  • WhiteVanMan

    Punch the fucker in the face

  • kal

    Wow, he's what, 3 or 4? This kid doesn't have the mental capacity to understand Christmas yet. Why is everyone calling him names? Ingrate, little fuck? Why would anyone call a toddle these names? And to judge the parents on their parenting skills based on one small clip is extremely obtuse of everyone here. Everyone needs to lighten up. This kid is not what is wrong with the world, it's the people that have lost the capacity for understanding and respect.

  • cpt

    im with you kid, unless you ask for books or clothes, they tend to be terrible presents, when in doubt, get candy or porn

  • greg

    if he was my son, he could have kissed hiw new Wii, and other present good bye, and be sent to his room with his book

  • Mr F

    Wow…haters are really hatin' on this kid…calm down people, jeez lol

  • charles

    lets get a lynch mob together and go ride out and catch that lil feller and hang him! and his parents and then we can all sit around and play his wii while our horses feed of their rotting flesh. WHO'S WITH ME???

  • sarah

    hilarious kid! and people shouldn't be so harsh on him! remember YOUR reaction when u got a sweater for YOUR birthday as a kid!! 'nuff said!

  • csifit

    PARENTING FAIL !!!!!!!!

  • Gibbo

    I don't see the problem…it's funny as!!
    He's a kid, xmas is for toys so I'm with him

  • Kyle Retrato

    I expected him to go "THIS IS BULLSHIT!!"

  • Mr F

    Wait…is that the Bulud kid? lol

  • Zac

    He should be thankful he doesn't live in a third world country.

  • Voice of Raisins

    I'm not sure what's worse the ungrateful brat's behaviour or the laughing parents encouraging it.

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