Meet the oldest cat in England (3 Photos)

In January, Blackie the cat will turn 24, the equivalent of 118 in human years.
Quentin Shaw, 49, is the proud owner of Blackie and he’s had her she was born. Blackie lives with the happy Shaw family in Thurnby, Leicestershire.

  • The Village Idiot

    Looks like gray has caught up with Blackie.

  • Kris Coleman

    It looks like a zombie kitty… seriously.

    Gives me the creeps. Dead eyes, mangled fur, even her whiskers are jutting out in random directions.

    Zombie Kitty vill eat your brains.

    and on a constructive note: I had no idea it was even possible for a cat to grow that old.

  • can haz

    that cat looks like its seen some battles…and still came out looking better than those kids

  • Locode

    I think they're worried that if they try to groom the cat, it'll fall apart.

  • thetommynews

    This cat has straight done it! Congrats to #3

  • soooboredatwork

    #2 I'm more concerned for those jacked up lookin kids!

    • Lame

      Your so cool! On the internet making fun of young kids looks! WOW I want to be just as cool as you one day!

  • Jim

    My brother's cat was 25 when they put it down, it was still ticking

  • lordassenfroth

    that cat is just 2 months younger than i am, and 3 months older than my wife is. that is fucking awesome!

  • carmella

    that poor cat needs a good grooming

  • Pants

    Looks dead already.

  • John

    those kids are so ugly.

    • Semper

      How is that necessary? They're kids. You're an ass.

  • Shitfaced

    Fuck that cat.

    • Kevin

      Even with your tiny cock you would kill it, assmaster.

  • Chester

    Dear Chivers,

    Can we grow up please? Life doesn't revolve around boobs.

    Thanks much,
    A fellow Chivette

  • Robert Kisabeth

    How high were you when this seemed like a good idea?

  • Dustin


  • Fyre
  • Bryan

    I enjoyed this post Chive. But then again, I have a girlfriend and don't use this website to find girls to jack off to.

  • Conor

    I dont like Cats but 118 is pretty fucking impressive..

  • MrCjv

    My wifes uncle had a cat named baby. Born the runt, no eyes, no tail and a short tail. That cat had built in radar, was strong as an ox and was healthy until it passed away last year. Same age as the one posted here. Interesting that huh?

  • james

    i can't believe no one has pointed out the irony of the name 🙂

  • Nizzy

    This cat looks like he's taken some lickens in his time and as strubbrun as they come…. "I don't listen to ANYONE… Including death."

  • jacen555

    wow, that's only two years older than my cat who passes away a couple months ago. Looks about the same condition he was in too…

  • Robert Logan

    ^ angry cat owners


      holy crap! Cat owners are hateful people.

      • Kevin

        Just cockwarmers that click on a cat post just to bitch about cats.

  • shane
  • ChodeLauncher

    My female Himalayan lived to be 18, passed away from kidney failure this past May. Lived a very happy, carefree life.

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