Mrs. Claus really stepped up her game this year (10 HQ Photos)

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  • GarlicInYourEye

    I'm….. dreaming… of…. #12…. for Christmas….

  • Phondo

    Typical. There's a wonderful and interesting brunette, but we mostly get the generic blond.

  • osborl12

    I'll take you to the candy shop
    I'll let you lick the lollipop…

  • Diana Santos

    #18,#19 and #21…i want that CLOTHES for me

    • Tean_Zu

      I'd like to see you in #11 with the fishnets and those sexy shoes.

    • thatsright

      and then you must post your pics here on thechive!

  • NotaTrap

    #12 FTW x 10

  • lordberic

    #17 solely based on my LOVE of Garter Belts!!!

  • theone

    this christmas stand under the camel toe and get a kiss #7

  • 50-50

    #5 looks like she's going to grow fangs and attack or something…

  • Josh

    They all have nice bodies, but they also all have the same blank, bored, mindless expressions…. :/

  • Dennis Paulsen

    #13 Traci Lords reincarnated!

  • Catence

    Makes me want to dress up.

  • Sephery3

    The Mrs. Clause's were all butterfaces except the brunette.

  • Jonathan

    Why do I find the presence of "Ho Ho Ho" in so many of these so very funny?

  • Pani Booyah

    I wouldnt mind coming down their chimney pot!! 😛

  • lfsg

    #12 sidebooobbb!!!!!

  • Johnny B

    Vertical lines on the stockings drive the eyes upward like on #5.
    Horizontal lines draw the eyes away from the body.
    So in short ladies buy stockings that draw our eyes upward!

  • northerner

    #9, I see many agree that she really makes a nice fashion statement with those basic black heels, doesn't she? Really sets off her outfit…or something…

  • nouu

    #12 winner winner hot snatch dinner.

  • Bdrizzle

    #20 was the best imo

  • Bob

    #3 is the best, she can give me presents any day.

  • Beth

    the main blonde chick is fugly as shit.

  • its_forge

    I am not usually critical of these things as I'm just a fan of underdressed women in general, but that blonde looks like her face was hit by a speeding tractor trailer, I could do better lighting than this by holding a flashlight with my dick, and even the Photoshoppery is amateurish. On the OTHER hand, that brunette is epically fine and #12 is spectacular.

  • Logic76

    nothing spreads holiday cheer like ho, ho, hos for xmas! yeeeah

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  • bill

    wow.# 3 & # 12 HO HO HO.yummy yummy,lick.

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