I asked some Irish dudes who their favorite Irish chick was (23 Photos)

So our family is spending Christmas here in Galway, Ireland. (I can't believe how many Chivers are here in Galway btw. We're really blown away.) Last night, I asked some our new Chiver friends if there was a Irish chick they all loved that us Americans probably hadn't heard of. Their answer was Georgia Salpa. I noted that and then went back to getting housed on Guinness. Enjoy...

  • TCB12

    That girl has some serious talent.

    Im sure she's OK at soccer too.

  • Raul Duke

    Not that hot.

  • Diggler

    #12 What a horrible golf stance

  • chrisbaaii

    Laura whitmore!

  • Truth.Inc

    Glad to see I'm the only one totally turned off by her smoking. She may look good on the outside, but her insides are rotting.

    • Truth.Inc

      Not the only one*

  • Tyler

    #22 The Gap! I am in love with her!

  • Andrew

    No no no! I hate Georgia Salpa! She always models for any auld shite in the papers. Her dad is like Columbia and I'm pretty sure her mam ain't Irish either.
    You wanna know who us Irish lads really get the horn for, Chive?? Google Claire Tully. 100% Irish and if there's a problem her slogan is, "I'll just get my tits out!"

    • Skedaddle

      She's a lovely creature. Thanks!

    • Stevo

      Her dad is Columbia? He's the whole country?! Claire Tully is nothing special, she only rates attention by plugging her heritage combined with titty flashing.

  • Conor

    Yay, i get to see some of own blood on the chive, even though she's like Bulgarian born or something.

  • thetech2

    ok the gap wins

  • Wookiee

    No one else realized she's cockeyed? See the angle she has to always take her pictures? or how she has to have half her face covered with hair? or… were you all too busy looking at her boobs?

  • rawnoyz

    This chic can pass as Kim Kardashians only good looking sister!

  • aosux

    I actually dig the other chics more in these photos. #8 and #13

  • jim bob jones

    It's funny how everyone seems to think most Irish girls are ginger. I'm Irish and honestly only know maybe 5 red heads.

  • Spanky

    Very Nice, but I think the hint of toe on #7 wins!

  • AJ Hermann

    I'd like to have a go with that philly. Do you think she would play with my Shillelagh?

  • hossmank

    Great post Chive!

  • Rick

    Id like to taste her lucky charms

  • rich

    I bet she has a hairy bush.

  • jim bob jones

    If only Grainne Seoige had done more slutty photo's. Now that would be an epic Irish girl post.

  • Bertie_16

    I'm ashamed of myself for not having ever laid eyes on this girl before. I can finally die happy.

  • Emily

    Oh wowwowwow. I want to bang this chick and I'm a girl. She's hot!!

  • Kris Coleman

    she's very hot. but i'm very suprised that she is Irish. I'm irish, and I don't see it!

    Sure an Irishman/woman can have dark hair or brown eyes just fine, but her facial structure and everything looks more latina to me. I sense a research session 'a comin…

  • Kris

    All good until I saw the cigarette….

  • Brad

    I bet her family were gypsy immigrants…

  • greg

    damn….but doesn't look irish? wat up wit dat?

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