I asked some Irish dudes who their favorite Irish chick was (23 Photos)

So our family is spending Christmas here in Galway, Ireland. (I can't believe how many Chivers are here in Galway btw. We're really blown away.) Last night, I asked some our new Chiver friends if there was a Irish chick they all loved that us Americans probably hadn't heard of. Their answer was Georgia Salpa. I noted that and then went back to getting housed on Guinness. Enjoy...

  • Mahony

    Galway, Claire, Kerry, Cork (Pretty much the whole of Ireland) > Newcastle

  • http://twitter.com/The_Scofield_ @The_Scofield_

    Great gods, way to go Ireland, grand find. Seriously people, just because she's not a ginger doesn't mean she wasn't born Irish. I mean shit, do all Canadians have heads that aren't attached at the mouth and say "aboot"? No. Stereotypists!

  • Anonymous

    She’s beautiful, but #16 really killed it for me. I’m not into girls that smoke.

  • KevvF

    no no no NO. Check out Rosanna Davison or Glenda Gilson. Trust me.

  • MattW

    Irish Kim Kardashian?

  • Ryan

    I don't get why some of you think she isn't Irish.

    Phil Lynott was Irish too. And he was half-black.

  • lake man

    she needs my cum in her ass

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1605128064 Timothy Duran

    GOD DAMN!!

  • Pat

    anyone notice the photobomb on the right side of #13 ?? (Yeah it took me a few checks to find it too)

  • mike

    #8 is wrong is so many ways..

  • krisiun

    Erin Go Brah!

  • yelito

    She looks like a skinny Kim Kardashian

  • Eire

    Och, me clover's on end!

  • Why Not?

    #21 #15 so nice you did it twice. i approve

  • scruffy

    what?she aint touch on sharon ni bheoileann or ursula bracken

  • http://www.1guy1cup.net Anon

    Alright you Internet Superdetectives, here it is: "Born in Athens, Georgia lived in Greece for the first four years of her life with her Greek father and Irish mother."


  • rob

    #22 its a merry christmas

  • jojo

    i have to agree with others here, i'm irish and have never seen an irish girl come close in looks to this girl. i thought i'd have more to say but have decided just to shut up and look at more pics!!!

  • V4Vendetta14

    If you told me she was from somewhere in South America, I would have believed you. She is pretty, but I'm a sucker for Gingers….

  • Jman

    I think her friends in #13 and #18 are WAYYY hotter!

  • denzino

    #13 Who's her friend?

    #22 Merry Christmas indeed.

  • gob.bluth

    she is half irish half greek

  • gaa

    she was born and raised in Ireland that makes her Irish, her mum is Irish i think her dad is greek

    • baleela

      people were wondering why she does not look irish, because she has greek blood, and being born in ireland does not make you irish you hun

      • top dog

        You got that kinda ass backward don't cha baleela? If she was born in Ireland, then she is Irish, just like everywhere else. Only racists think otherwise.

        • baleela

          being born in ireland does not make you irish if you haven't got a drop of irish blood in ya, just like being born anywhere else doesn't. if both your parents were irish and you were born in another country then great your more irish than her, its genetics, its science, you fucking twit. it is not racist to think otherwise it is just fact, doesn't mean one has to treat someone differently, unlike you i carry no white guilt and do not have to bite my tongue to appease others

  • fedex

    looks like the genetic combination of keira knightley and jennifer love hewitt, and that means hot as hell!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000103215985 Aleksandra Mandic

    yes she is gorgeous and so what if she smokes ??

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