I asked some Irish dudes who their favorite Irish chick was (23 Photos)

So our family is spending Christmas here in Galway, Ireland. (I can't believe how many Chivers are here in Galway btw. We're really blown away.) Last night, I asked some our new Chiver friends if there was a Irish chick they all loved that us Americans probably hadn't heard of. Their answer was Georgia Salpa. I noted that and then went back to getting housed on Guinness. Enjoy...

  • mike

    she look like every other girl here in south texas..well not the fatties

  • EAE

    Galway, the greatest drinking city in the world! come to CPs on Stephens day!!

  • bigbob

    #13 Find Her Friend.. she's perfect.. way hotter

  • tim

    #21 and #15 are both fuckin awesome,haha

  • top dog

    Irish or not, she needs to eat a bowl of potatoes or something. And next time show some booty.

  • Jmac2586

    #13 and #18 : )

  • amanda

    Holy shit

  • Billy

    Its quite simple. If a person is born and lives in a country, grows up, goes to school etc, talks like people from that country etc then they are from that country regardless of the origin of their ancestors. Do people really believe everyone looks the same in Ireland or any other part europe.
    What does an american look like? So thick some people.

    • top dog

      A lot of Americans look like racists, Sad, so sad.

  • DJHS85

    She is easily the hottest Irish girl out there. And anyone that says that she's not Irish because she doesn't "look" Irish is opening a can of worms. If that was the rule of thumb, then we would claim that every non-Native American isn't American, no matter where they were born/grew up.

  • Anonymous

    She’s everyone’s favorite irish chick because while she may be a citizen of ireland… she’s about as irish as a quesadilla.

  • Luckmann

    Next time you might want to have pictures of an actual Irish chick and not this.. whatever she is.

  • Shadowtag

    How did you get soused on Guiness? That's like saying you got beaten up by a Canadian.

  • dave

    She's Irish? She doesn't look it but I like her. She looks more like Kim Kardashian's sister than her sisters do.

  • Speedy

    TOE IN #7 !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    #16 – she smokes she pokes

  • Thax

    She's Half Irish Half Greek so Maybe I'll wait a bit she could end up looking like Hercules!

  • simmo

    Yes she is Irish- I saw her coming out of Penneys on O'Connell street the other day. We're not all ginger! :-/

  • Bubba Gump

    Too scrawney!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mengler2 Mike Engler

    ummm i need to go to ireland, now.

  • col. Hunter

    holy shit. that is all.

  • WhiteVanMan

    Irish my arse…she's as irish as a kebab

  • Steve

    she is greek-irish

  • Plex

    and she'd have the wikid accent

  • hamill

    im irish and never seen or heard of her in my life lol

  • Anon

    Born in Athens, daughter to a Greek father and an Irish mother. Moved to Ireland at age 4 or 5. Come on, Georgia Salpa doesn't even sound remotely Irish.

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