I asked some Irish dudes who their favorite Irish chick was (23 Photos)

So our family is spending Christmas here in Galway, Ireland. (I can't believe how many Chivers are here in Galway btw. We're really blown away.) Last night, I asked some our new Chiver friends if there was a Irish chick they all loved that us Americans probably hadn't heard of. Their answer was Georgia Salpa. I noted that and then went back to getting housed on Guinness. Enjoy...

  • MEH


  • McAnonymous

    This is exactly how Kim Kardashian would look if she was hot.

  • willkm75

    OHHHH MMMYYYYYY!!!! #10 #24 I love the Irish..

  • Borgia

    She sounds Irish which means shes Irish! She also looks better in person than in pictures imo.

  • Smell of dat snatch!!


  • sequin

    she is very much Irish – her father is Greek but her mother is Irish and she has lived here in Dublin all her life

  • limmerickscummer

    mmmmmmmmm Gorgia.Can i be your friend.Im not creepy or anything.Well not all the time

  • BA Baretta

    I prefer a girl who knows how to properly grip a club.

  • bill

    wow she is beautiful.#9 does it for me.yummy,yummy,lick.

  • Jim

    Er, she’s Greek…

  • Rita

    She is half Greek/half Irish. I am Irish, black hair, grey eyes and pale skin. We don't all have red hair here ya know! just like not all Americans are fat.

  • naz

    shes half greek hence her looking rather exotic for an Irish girl

  • Jerry

    Baby ur look good.i want make i lue wit

  • GeorgiaisSEXY

    Greek + Irish = Georgia SEXY Salpa!

  • kfndawg

    She was born in Greece

    • http://www.facebook.com/cecilia.cashman Cecilia Cashman

      One Greek parent, one Irish parent, therefore she is of Irish descent!!!! No will ye all get back to your lives please!

  • kostas

    HEY!! She isn't Irish! She is GREEK – IRISH

  • Anonymous

    Wow shes well hot

  • Stelios

    Georgia Salpa is half Irish (mother), half Greek (father). Beach photos are from Greece…

  • sam

    ball tingling

  • Boo

    I actually know Georgia’ family. Her true heritage is Moroccan. Both her parents(shazad and ashraf) are Moroccan. She is brought up in Ireland. She was advised by her agent to lie and say she is half Greek and half Irish.

  • http://www.kipcarroll.com Kip Carroll

    hi Please remove my photo No.15 of Georgia Salpa you don't have permission to use it

    Kip Carroll

  • http://www.teenbar.net/showthread.php?595-Georgia-salpa-2012-new-girls-wave levallour

    Another beauty that breaks the ici in 2012 looks like that year is promising ….

  • Anonymous

    Moroccan my arse, so therefore Muslim more than likely, and when have you ever seen a Muslim woman look like her,with so little clothes on lol, she’s half Irish,Greek, born here and very much irish

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