• Snowballz

    Totally had #22 when I was little

  • Phil

    No micro machines?

  • A BiPolar Guy

    this is my children's childhood. god I'm old

  • cpt

    i think i might still have those sheets down in the cellar…


  • http://www.knickledger.com/ Randy

    #7 is the best! I still remember that theme song. But no Mr. Belvedere or Boglins? What gives?

  • http://www.knickledger.com/ Randy

    Oh – and Hacksaw Jim Duggan lives about 20 minutes from me. His mom is a sweet lady. He's a little fuct, though.

  • http://twitter.com/Rich_Rodrigues @Rich_Rodrigues

    #6 loved this! but…very sad ending, especially for a show about dinosaurs..youtube it and grab some tissues…

    #27 iyoooooooooooo usa! usa! usa! usa! love hacksaw!

  • hugsforpitbulls

    Who framed rodger rabbit… F-ing cool world.

  • Sugreev2001


  • http://the80s.peoplearticles.com/2010/12/23/childhood-nostalgia-and-80s-toys-thechive/ Childhood nostalgia and 80s toys theCHIVE | The 80's

    […] Childhood nostalgia and 80s toys theCHIVE Filed under 80's Toys Click here to cancel […]

  • norom

    Great list, and a nice walk down memory lane, but what about "Kids Incorporated"? Someone forgot a huge 80's show.

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