It’s time, once again, to reflect on your childhood (30 Photos)

These awesome photos and much more at our friends over at

  • MasterU

    # 7 is awkward ….

    6 th first yay ….. thumps down please …..fh

    • Charlie Cheen

      awkward? Perfect strangers was f-ing awesome!

  • BigDingo

    #26 I love the power glove, it's so bad

    • Shearede

      That was my immediate thought..

    • Kyle

      I had one when they first came out. I was, without question, the coolest kid in my school for like, a month.

  • BigDingo

    Also #29…. Jessica Rabbit gave me awkward boners before I knew what they were for

  • Drum

    Up Up Down Down Left Right Left B A START

    • ShadowCorp

      #4 Up Up Down Down Left Right Left "Right" B A Start (or Select Start if you want 2 person chaos)

      • Poopslikelittlebunny

        "ShadowCorp" i see why you have (81p) I believe only a select few can blurt out the "30 men" code for the first Contra. We are not worthy of your presence here at the Chive

        • rick

          I think most people can blurt that out

          • Justin Hall

            It was also the cheat for Metroid. And on a shittier note, Kirby's Dream Land on Gameboy. Not that I ever, you know, bought or enjoyed that game or anything …

            • Rich

              it is also chuck norris' phone number, coincidentally.

              • bud

                and the cipher to a secret german u-boat message.

                • norom

                  And the code for TMNT 2 "The arcade game" to warp to any level you want.

  • hater

    Cookie-Crisp is the shit.

    • mrnitropb

      I hate that stuff, and my Dad always kept buying it 'cause he thought we would like it. Cinnamon Toast Cruch represent!

    • steve

      to this day i still eat that shit

  • Snoop

    I love pound puppies and care bears as much as anyone, but I'm 20yrs old. this shiz was all way before my time.

    Did anyone even actually wear snoopy shoes?

    • on the contrary

      I'm 25, #22 pound puppies and #10 care bears were my life. but i agree, who wore #28 snoopy shoes? i was too busy wearing the awesome shoes with lights on the side.

  • Stan

    #4 ALL DAY!!

    • Wing Zero

      Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, START!

      • cudaman

        Best Code EVER!

    • Anon

      Super C too! 🙂

  • Matt


    I met and got my picture taken with "Hacksaw" at an Akron-Canton Crunch soccer game. Highlight of my childhood.

    He even told me Ultimate Warrior was a douche.

    • reformed hulkamaniac

      yet another popular fan favorite wrestler that had to take a backseat on the hogan train.

      • Locode

        Even Hogan had more moves than this guy.

    • fox06


      • mattythegooch

        I met Hillbilly Jim in Cleveland………He told me I shouldn't smoke!!

  • MigraineBoy

    #7 Cousin Larry…wazzuuuuuuuuup?

    • balky

      And now we do the dance of joy!

    • Graphix

      Cousin Lally Appleton

    • MacGuyver913

      Don't be ReDICulous.

    • jamie

      Balki Bartokomous !!!!!!

  • DanielB

    Not being american i feel soooo left out on this posts, I can probably get like a third of the references :s

    • Poopslikelittlebunny

      Ahh poor DanielB i'm so so sorry you are left out of these posts. These are some of the bests LOL No really

      • drea

        really this is the best nastalgia post

  • bob

    massive nostalgiabomb

  • Mr F

    #2 Zed rules all.

    • zedman

      except he was from the 90's not the 80's

  • Why Not?

    up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start

    • fox06

      we will be saying that when we are 80!! i hope!!!

  • chiver79

    #15… do it rock-a-pella!!

  • googboog

    #14 I loved that movie as a child, Ernest introduced me into the fine world of trollin'…
    Top post chive!! 🙂

  • bubblerider86

    Damn…life was good B)

  • deployedsoldier


    This movie scared the shit out of me as a kid. I think I carried milk around with me for a week after seeing this.

    • Ky D

      AGREED!!! It was that guy with the huge head!

  • Master Bait

    #6 they all died you bastards

    • parrislove

      for the life of me, i can't remember the name of this. ):

      • Rick


        • drea


          • Rusty Nail

            Kick da baby

  • losingit

    im 37 and i dont remember half of these…

    • nepster

      37? Shouldn't you be on

    • Jason Brinton

      I'm 36, and while I recognize most of that stuff, it really doesn't represent my childhood at all.

    • Boom

      I'm 28 and this nails my childhood perfectly

      • Jeo

        Yep!! I'm 25… certainly my childhood 🙂

        • ale

          of course not! they are the voice of 80´s early 90´s … probably u were a teenager / adult by then.

  • Apollos

    I should have been high when I read this post.

  • Sizzle

    #13 That wasn't too long ago. Unless they did it again. When I was 16 (2003) and just got my driver's license, the first thing I did was drive to McDonald's and get some fajitas.

    They were ballin', and McDonald's has breakfast burritos on their morning menu now. I have NEVER had a better hung-over meal than a McDonald's breakfast steak burrito. The fucking thing has home fries right in it. How can you beat that!?

  • Your Mom's Dog

    #1 Double Dare! The only show that Nickelodeon had that was better than this was "You Can't Do That On Television"

    • mememe


      • mememe

        double dare!

        • mememe

          physical challenge!!

    • TCB12

      Double Dare was great.

      I also liked Salute your Shorts & Hey Dude.

    • Danny P

      Hey Dude

  • TayTay

    #25 OMG a yakbak! I had one of those!

  • mipo2010

    #29 Jessica Rabbit…A body built for sin but with the voice of Kathleen Turner

    • Norom

      funny thing is that she isn't credited in the movie as Jessica's voice, but anyone that has heard Kathleen speak can easily tell it is her.

  • Ryan

    up up down down left right left right a b a b select start

    • Downer

      Finally someone got it right, everyone has been posting the wrong konami code

      • nolanorion13

        Um, it's b a b a, not a b a b.

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