Not all adults can get the blue ribbon for parenting (35 Photos)

  • mememe

    #7 – training in progress

  • topher

    #3 Please tell me that can't be real?

  • jabroni

    #15 I like his style

  • milo66

    #6, who hasn't been hosed down in the backyard after coming home filthy?

  • Dayna Vaughan

    So how many of these idiots are in jail now?

  • Rick

    #15, #32 nice!

  • Knuckles Grymm

    #12 sickens me. It's prolly a toy, and I love the 2nd amendment but the very idea that someone would even take that pic is depressing.

    • No-name

      Agreed. There's stuff like #29 where it's controlled, and then there's stuff like this.

      • No-name

        How do i make the picture go away? Oops… fail….

  • No-name

    How is #29 supposed to be BAD parenting?? I'd say that's some pretty awesome parenting.

  • carmella

    #20 should be arrested and #27 – WTF???!!

  • smack

    #19 is just a matter of perspective:

    Its either the WORST strip club ever, or the BEST day care center ever.

  • Link182

    #2 And the parents had to put almost $20 in that thing to get the kid back out again.

  • sofaking

    #15 knows his way around the block…

  • MrCjv

    Ok, some (very few) were funny. Others made me raise an eyebrow and then there were the ones that crossed the line. To the ones that crossed the line: I ever see that, your ass has opened an entire 6pak of total ass whoopin. RTards in these shots are aparent FTW.

  • cantkillcastro

    #35 So THATS where little asian babies come from… better than forgetting the milk in the car overnight I guess.

  • boognish

    #32 Hell yeah, little guy! Hit that shit!

  • Diana Santos

    adults??? where?? o.0

  • equalizermax

    #35 – You said you want to order Chinese, so here is it…

  • thatsright

    #24 #29 #32
    Ha these are awesome

  • jamesaholic

    The chick on the left in #23 has obviously made a living collecting babies and feeding them with her huge tits

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #1 – nothing wrong. The baby is safely and comfortably sleeping, getting parental contact, and the dad will know immediately if he stirs. I use to put my baby son to sleep on a pillow on the desk in front of me when I was studying in grad school. I knew instantly if he woke.

  • Ben

    #15 is the greatest kid ever. He should win a medal!

  • BloodScrubber

    Makes ya wonder how many of these shots were used as evidence in court. 😛

  • micro

    thumbs up if you think #23 's boobs are epic

    • Mark

      Look at all those anchor babies!

  • Jack Hoff

    How isn't #15 GOOD PARENTING?

  • Michael Dominick Crispo


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