Not all adults can get the blue ribbon for parenting (35 Photos)

  • ImSadToBeKorean

    #21 & #35 are Koreans….

  • canadianbroad

    Wow – some great ideas here! I shoulda had me one o' those cages – as long as it has a lid on it! LoL!

  • Plex

    #6 is nothin, we used to get hosed off with the fire fighting unit after playin in the creek.

  • pokeman134

    #15 is the best parenting.

  • Breanna

    Haha, me too, the kid's face totally makes it.

  • pyrosis

    #15 is going to be President someday.

  • Dee L Fujii

    These are HILARIOUS

  • slick

    My ex wife had my daughter tattooed in the small of her back and had her nipples, naval and vagina pierced when she was five years old. I told her it was wrong everybody called her a slut all through school.She quit school at sixteen and with a fake ID was working in a strip club and as an escort.She`s twenty two now and has five black kids and dosn`t know who any of the fathers are.

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  • pissed dad

    I am a new father, she is the most important thing in the world to me. Some of these people shoud be punched in the mouth. Assholes!

  • pissed dad

    #11 #20 & 33 especialy!!!!

  • Dawn

    I think #20 is looking for her lost hamburger!. As for Slicks comment. I find it hard to believe that any Tattoo or Piercing business would do that to a five year old.

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