People who ate the milkman (15 Photos)

I would like to preface this post by saying that it was a toss up for me between the current title or choosing “Chin Up, kid” as the title. Technically the latter makes more sense but on a personal level the former just amuses me more.

I’m on a red-eye flight. This is what I do to combat my boredom. Enjoy.

  • Anonymous


    Or Newcastle…

  • The Spoochness

    These all make my self confidence rise drastically

  • mrheated

    were all gonna look like #12 on 2025

  • phdonme

    Damn Steelers Fans keep getting Bigger

  • FlickMyBic

    #7 looks like a fat josh koscheck

    • Mrawesome

      Ha totally! That guy’s a tool

  • Twoody

    Is that the Predator #7

  • ale

    Don´t get me started now, on the "new year annual diet"… christma´s parties, are starting to show.

  • Matthew Molin


  • mgreen

    You know your a badass with cookies on your shoulders. Wonder if there are ho hos in her pockets, that would be to cool! #3

  • Sarah

    I'm thinking #9 is the best candidate for having ate the milkman… and Santa…. aaannnd all of Santa's cookies.

    • Peanut Gallery

      Better watch what you say…she still looks pretty hungry to me.

  • scv

    this is really sad

  • thats guy

    fat people keep the world moving

    • Peanut Gallery

      How? By all simultaneously shifting to the right to keep the planet spinning on its axis?

  • Ben

    #14 has gout

  • rawnoyz

    #9 camel toe!!!! ooooh wheeee!

  • nouu

    fat is the new….ugly.

  • Lia

    Oh what pinchable cheeks on the baby!

  • Diana Santos

    thats not healthy…:S

  • krloz

    Does pic #12 comes from the future??

  • equalizermax

    I lost my appetite, thanks chive…

    • Mrawesome

      That was their intent. Now you won’t end up like the fatties. Thechive loves you and has your best interest in mind

  • BloodScrubber

    Thats some scaaarrrry shyt right there man. I think No4 would make any man wet his knickers.

  • Colin

    #1! Thats a typical Notre Dame game for you in South Bend Indiana. i kno that guy lol

  • andysniper

    So… Much… Chin.

  • jake

    #7 has bodies in his crawl space

  • scott

    Fat people aren't real people. These people should be harpooned.

  • Mrawesome

    I think many things when I see this,

    #1. O”ne tubba-tubba…”

    #2. “Do the truffel shuffle”

    #3. “Lois, fat sex isthe best sex we’ve ever had”

    #4. Insert any “your mom” joke

    #5. “You bastard! … Who is fat”

    #6. “Samuel L. Jackson, you’ll be fuckin’ fat chicks in no time, you might even fight a “brotha” or two…”

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