Emma Watson gifs, you know, for Christmas (11 gifs)

  • http://celebstar.org entertainment

    this is amazing dude loll lolllo

  • Greg

    I dont even find girl interesting….

  • mememe

    she is average looking, AT BEST.

    • mememe

      actually a little below average looking

  • nouu

    pale boyish chick, not sure what all the fuss is about, guess you gotta be a harry potter fag.

  • Diskat

    Nu. 6, 8 and 9 !!! I'm in love !!

    She looks like a woman whit her short hair !! WOW !!!!!!!!!!

  • AndTen

    Thanks for freezing my computer up for next to nothing 😦

  • Rick

    #12 LMFao

  • llama beans

    She's cute and all, but I don't see why she is so lusted after. I'll take a sexy chiver any day over her.

  • skippy

    #12 is bullshit, she is way to old for pedobear

  • mith

    Don't get it. She looks like a half retarded 12 year old boy. I would find an Asian woman more atractive before her. Hell, Sarah Jessica "Horse-Head" Parker is more (not much) appealing than her. I'd rather Flap to Posh Spice.

  • rawnoyz

    Someone please enlighten me about this fixation over emma watson.. i mean, its being pierced through my eyes by the chive so much im starting to see the light, but i cant make sense out of it!

  • charles

    John, Keep posting these type of creepy posts and i'll expect to see Chris Hansen walking in on you while you're at a "friends" house…you need help.

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