Everything I love about Christmas (40 Photos)

It’s no secret that theCHIVE is nothing without its fans. In the immortal words of Michael Jackson, “You rock my world.” Of course, I mean that in the sincere way, not in the creepy, pedo…well……Michael Jackson sort of way.

But I digress.

I hope this list of stuff I love about Christmas will suffice for now, but by all means let me know if I’m omitting anything awesome. And by God, Have a very Merry Christmas everybody!!!

  • Sam

    Merry Christmas Chivers !

    • we'regoinstreakin!

      and merry mutha fuckin xmas from Snoop-a-loop (#31)- I got somethin to fill yo sack bitches, and u know it's the chronic-

    • Anonymous

      Man, where are the rest of the posts today? Not only do I have to work on Christmas, but there's not even Chive posts to get me through the day! Humbug and harumph!!!

  • Bringy


    • GI Joe


      • Terry's balls

        It was really more of an ultimate fail-

    • Mel


    • Lev

      You just ruined Christmas. For two reasons.

    • kiwi kid

      How original! I never thought of that! Be first, and let every one know it, by posting it, well, anywhere but first! That way, you can always have this moment to treasure. Even when you are old and sad, tired and lonely and no one wants to be your friend… you will still have this moment to treasure…

    • Wow

      Face palm. Head shake.

  • ShadowCorp

    #40 Merry Christmas!

    Shitter was full.

    • gbody

      Ahhh. Honey, have you checked our shitters?

    • Crystal

      What a big brute of a man! Although he seems to be lacking his blue leisure suit

  • scale of 1 to chive

    #12 just made my christmas merry

    • jason

      all i want for xmas

    • Kyle

      ho-ho-holy crap… lol

    • Rabbit

      Czeching your tits, czeching it Twice*, gonna find out who's Naughty* or Nice…

  • indeed

    #38 You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke


  • juice

    just need a little butter because those things are soooo close to popping out in #12 and #24

  • Disgruntled chef

    Prepping christmas Brunch for assholes. FML.

  • ShrimpBoots

    When I saw #37, the first thing that popped into my head was, "There is no Santa, only Zuul!"

    • BigDingo

      Are you the keymaster?

  • CBRian1k

    Merry Christmas from
    Castlegar, BC

  • Guz

    My birthday's christmas eve. The pubs are packed, I wear a big badge with 'It's my birthday' on it, and consequently only relate christmas day to puking my guts up all day and getting shouted at by my mam and two ex wives.

    • Alex


  • Billyboy

    Santa packs from coca cola bitches. Love my chive. Duckface : )(

  • Phondo

    Jesus. There. I just thought he should appear somewhere in here.

  • Jason

    Merry Christmas. I always like a little Glogg during the holiday. Its a Scandinavian Christmas drink. Usually after a night of drinking you owe people apologizes for your drunken behavior. I love it.

  • Don113

    #12 Denise Milani would make the best Christmas present of all time.

    • Peter

      That's funny you should mention that…I've actually got a package for her.

  • Doughy

    Wheres eggnog??where’s the pics of that thick nastiness?

    • JonMD

      Photo #2

      • Fign

        that is one thing I miss a lot, since now living in Europe, there is not REAL egg nog available, and no matter the good intentions of my wife, the one she prepares doesn't taste the same….
        Merry Christmas to All

    • http://www.twitter.com/justin_speedo facebook

      i came.

  • Why Not?

    #12 thumbs for real breasteses over fake breasteses ~~~~)>

    • Nunya bidnes

      who cares!? As long as they're breasteses

    • Aklaim

      If I can touch them, they are real to me.

  • Clark Griswold

    "We're gonna have the hap hap happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tapdanced with Danny f*cking Kaye." — Merry Christmas, Chivers!

    • BloodScrubber

      WIN! Merry Christmas!

    • Guest

      #41 The shitter was full!

  • http://twitter.com/juliormz_ @juliormz_

    #26 Bill FUCKING Murray!

    • BigDingo

      Pond F*CKING Hockey!

      Try again.

      • Brah

        It used to be a picture of Bill Murray up there, but the changed the order. (Just thought I'd stick up for the guy.)

  • equalizermax

    Me want #24 for Christmas!

    • Mel

      You'll poke your eye out kid.

  • streetdeath

    #38 is the worst damn movie ever.

    • Brah

      I pity you and your obviously poor childhood.

  • Jayhawk21

    Dude, where is Will farrell as Elf? that's my FAV!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      If you're a dude, and you like Elf, I'm afraid I have some bad news…

  • kualjo

    #38 is the best damn movie ever.

  • bob

    #38 is the worst movie i never saw

  • Pete

    Does anyone else over about 35 remember the Norelco Shaver commercial with Santa sliding off in the shaver head? Classic!

    • BloodScrubber

      Oh yeah. Its not Christmas season till Ive seen that!

  • http://schteeve.newgrounds.com Stephen

    Chive, I am very upset. You are lacking the best character yet; 2 words: JACK SKELLINGTON!!!

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