Best photos of the week (40 Photos)

I’m not gonna lie, it has been a “hot chick heavy” sort of week which is clearly reflected in this week’s best photos. If this is a problem, please let me know never. And once again Merry Christmas everybody!!!

  • Monkey

    More #5

    • Semper

      It's spelt "MOAR"

      • Terry Burke

        who cares! just bring her to us!

      • schnizz

        more..moar…mour….any way u wanna say it

    • dmg

      Yes. Yes, bring her to us.

  • Martin

    lets get a Bill Murray post?

  • Semper

    Happy Festivus Chivers!!

    • Bored855

      A Festivus for the Rest of Us! Are we gonna include the feats of strength?

  • Brah

    Merry Chrimbus!

  • Lehkan

    Murray Christmas !

  • spacemanspiff

    #30 “I swear, I didn’t know christmas was of pagan origin.”

  • hockey dude 11

    Merry Chivmas

  • Nick

    #32 Instant Classic. #5 isn't bad either. Happy Christmas, Chive.

    • Terry Burke

      who is #32?

  • tedB

    #11 makes me all tingly and stuff….

  • Jay

    RIP #29

    #33 just makes me chuckle.

    • Cameron EzraPounder James

      Are you saying she's dead or easy…or both?

      • denzino

        Cameron, you obviously need to examine earlier posts.

      • guys a dumbass

        It's her boobies that Jay is saying that towards…

        • Cameron EzraPounder James

          Whoops forgot to be conscious of the fact that some minor model for an online shirt company is getting a breast reduction. Keep up the excellent ournalism denzino!

          • Cavall

            In other good news, I found your "J" key Cameron! Now you're all caught up on the Chive AND can spell "ournalism"

            Its a Christmas MIRACLE!

  • Cavall

    #29 I am disappointment in your reduction choice.

  • Terry Burke

    #37 jailda…. awww who gives a shit. it's so hard to tell these days, who would blame you?

    • Lennart Christensen

      jailbait or not – that is freaking hot!!

  • Grant

    #9 #9 #9

  • jrock

    #39 yeah…ugly twins. doubly worthless. san diego stills wins this shit.


    i mean #38

    • Erick Hinojosa Colin

      sorry but the chive have already spoken, mexican weather girl is hotter than this 2

  • TylerV

    #33 INCEST YEAH!!

  • Paz

    #29 I don't get the big deal, there are way hotter snorg T models.

  • simon

    A post on Christmas Day?! And I'm reading it?!?!

    This can only mean bad things for the future of Jesus day.

  • Stan

    italy wins!!

  • Santa Wins

    Who is this?? Off the charts on the hot meter. MOAR PLEASE!

  • William 'Biggerfoot' Schaffels

    Any Belgian Chivers?

    • Coxae

      me :p

  • Moostache Man

    #17 please

  • AAK

    Italy won .

  • Il Duce

    Italia No 1 Yippee!

  • Tavo


    • Erick Hinojosa Colin

      mexican weather girl won

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