Merry Christmas to all the Chivers out there (22 Photos)

I wasn't really planning on posting today. Leo and I are in Galway with our family for Christmas. I haven't been checking theCHIVE submit account and, frankly, I expected radio silence from the Chivers out there. Instead I logged on this morning to find hundreds of emails from Chivers wishing us Merry Christmas; Chivers and Chivettes lit up our email with photos and kind words.

While some of you made 2010 your bitch, for others it wasn't the best of years. Either way, we're glad theCHIVE was there to provide an escape from the monotony. - Some of your emails were really touching.

Merry Christmas out there, Chivers. Stay warm, get drunk, and enjoy your families. We'll be back in full force shortly. I've got a real shit-storm of awesomeness planned for 2011. HINT: It's to do with our college Chivetttes unloading both barrels on the internets. I will go through all the eCards and emails in the coming days, I promise. For now, here's a sample of what we've been sent.

Merry Christmas!

John n' Leo

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  • yelito

    #6 Utah rulez

  • Mike Engler

    Merry Christmas Chivers!

  • Not First

    Hell Ya!

  • anon

    #11 no words, still picking up my jaw
    …. do i … do i see some lip biting going on there? if not, or if so, still stunning.

  • Chrispeena

    #11 = FUCK NO #17 = FUCK YES.

    • Nathan

      its the reverse for me. After seeing #11 , all the others seam … lame… and 17 just looks like the community bicycle imo.

      11 can just keep on rocking what God gave her, because it is awesome.

    • Nathan

      its the reverse for me. After seeing #11 , all the others seam … lame… and 17 just looks like the community bicycle imo.

      11 can just keep rocking what God gave her, it is awesome.

      • Nathan

        Meh, Huffle Puff, it hid my comment for over an hour, i thought it got lost in the wastes or something.

  • Jules

    I think we should get some MOAR Utah!!!

  • Brand_n

    #17 ohmyfuckinggodhot!

  • josmorgan007

    #5 — I too have a small apartment, and a dog. Still you've inspired me and now I'm thinking… pool table?

    • BloodScrubber

      Think hot tub dude. Attracts more women…..and less balls.

  • Billbo Faggens

    I am an asshole…..11 is fat and gross

  • bugsycline

    #11 FTW

    • Nathan


  • Hrimfaxi

    #3 deserves more chiving attention!

  • gx_wolf

    #21 – If she has no sense of humor… DO NOT marry her!

  • EASMarine

    #5: Solid purchase, but i hope you have a room mate to play with…

  • P90

    #9 and #10 FTW.

  • Daaaaaamn

    #17 I'm from STL too. Please meet me!

  • cantkillcastro

    #21 I Ho Ho Ho'd

  • sexoffender

    #19 is Grrrrrrrrrreat!!!!!!1

  • @txt2verse

    If a cute (hot) or sexy girl invited me for a pic, i wouldn't hover-hand, it might be shoulder or side depending on what she was wearing (if anything at all)

    Merry Christmas Chive!

  • ahello2u

    Would move to Utah for that.. TODAY!!!

  • ATouchofInsanity

    #21 – Wish my hubby had that kind of creativity in wrapping
    #19 – I need this nativity set!

  • thetech2

    doddsmnit fuck it i'm movin to Utah I love the chive and private stock rum

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    To the one who made #21, don't listen to her, it's awesome! I don't know your fiancée, but she sounds like the type who cares more about the monetary value of something over the sentimental value and the creativity put into it. Give me a present that is awesomely wrapped with a present that might not cost much but has a lot of personal value any day over a professionally wrapped one with an expensive thing inside that has no importance other than how much was spent on it.

  • Dunny

    Nice Hiney….

  • Boris

    #17 Please find her. We want it, now. The meatloaf!

  • Lylah

    #20 girl on the right in the douche hat needs to be slapped

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