Asians make up half the world’s population -here are 30 hot ones (30 Photos)

  • denzino

    #2 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMisa Campo iHeart

    • Piggy

      its 30 pictures of the same girl… come on Chive. you cant fool me.

  • Dlaka

    #2 Nice

  • SWa


    also.. #24

  • Guz

    #5 Gentlemen, start your engines.

    • northerner

      Beautiful face, hair. Boobs too big, alas.

    • snn

      those melons u have I would like touch those to see if they are fake or real big boobies

    • Tim

      You are infinite pleasure 🙂

  • Irni Mark Gemzon

    who is #12? she's so pretty o.O

    • HelloYou!

      Not asian tho! But granted, shes cute…

      • MMAN87

        Haha I dunno bro, I've met girls who are full Japanese and totally look mixed, but they aren't! I have no idea for this cutie tho…I would also very much like to know who she is:D

  • Its-a me, Mario

    Lucy Liu? come on. Asians make up half the world yes. Then Why are you only putting up the american asians? 4 out 30 is not really a good score for "half the world"

  • Nick

    MOAR #2

  • Stan

    #26 all the way

    • Dissonant

      Saw this pic years ago and have wanted to see more ever since. TRACK HER DOWN!!

      • Doc Icetea

        That's Aki Hoshino.

        You're welcome.

  • Adam Purcell

    Haha, #6 gotta love the chick showing off her Lincolns and Hamiltons. Errr…make that Lincoln and Hamilton.

    • Not Again

      See what 5 and 10 will get'cha…

    • Tean_Zu

      Why the USD? She's Asian, shouldn't the currency be in yen or dongs?

    • seriously

      …..or Rincolns and Hamirtons.

  • Poopslikelittlebunny

    Half of them chics don't even look Asian.

    • Your Mom's Dog

      Squint really hard.

  • Tintoy

    You should add more Filipinas in future galleries like this.

    • Martin


      • spacemanspiff

        Yes please

        • june


          • Big Bob

            Anyone saying "no" has never been there.

            • Giggity

              Cebu has insanely hot girls that put Kaylani Lei to shame

    • the dudemen


    • NELSON


    • evad

      hell yeah, pinoys !

  • Pete

    Four words: Poker Player Evelyn Ng!!!!

  • Bud Ugly

    #2 and #12 were probably hottest, and I believe both are mixed (I know Misa Campo is).

    This batch of Asians weren't as hot as could be… I've seen hundreds of better lookin' Asian ladies.

    • dude

      WOW, serious post them 😛

  • Dunny

    This is how all Asian girls pose waiting for you to wake up right?? If not, they should!

    • pingpong

      find her

      • Lou

        Her name is Mayuko Iwasa

    • silverafox

      my asian girlfriend does

      • Dunny

        And if she has an ass like that, I'm way jealous…

    • pwndu232

      No, that's how they greet you when you come home a HARD days work.

    • snn

      one sexy mama

    • Franko

      Are you the girl in the picture?

  • 4xaClown

    Asians make up half the world’s population -here are 5 hot ones

  • jdr

    #30 Twinsies???? Oh yeah!

    • just lookin!

      I rike berry much to make bang bang!!

    • What?

      They are Fuke-meh and fuke-you!

    • snn

      2 very pretty young girls

  • abuks808

    Thank you for starting my monday off right

  • tony

    #30 "twins basil!"

  • dog

    this post should have been exclusive to #2

  • El BrandO

    #6 I've got $15…

    • jtatman

      I'll pay $5 to see the other titty!!!

    • Zebulon

      $15… that's alot of money to them…

  • Paz

    As gorgeous as they can be, they can be butt ugly as well.

    • twat

      like all women….

  • The Dude

    Pic 2: Holy Shit! I want one

  • eclipze

    1 , 2 , 4 … enough for me . 😀

  • Plex

    so was that just 30 pics of the same girl?

  • rICK


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