Asians make up half the world’s population -here are 30 hot ones (30 Photos)

  • What?

    #2 is asian? I haven't had an asian yet but when I do, I want one like that!

  • Chris

    #2, #13, #14! Wow!

  • George

    i think i may have a asian fetish after this post…. peep hilarious stories about drinking, girls, even some helpful advice and shit

  • AtomManhattan

    Asian twins is probably my #1 fantasy.
    (I've had one, and it was awesome so two has to be better, right?)
    When I let out the ol'monster they can shout in unison-
    "Giaca! Giaca! It Gojira!"

    • AtomManhattan

      What the- Oh…I see what happened there #>_>

  • Vij

    My Choice is #5 & #18 she has a smouldering sexuality. Asians are not just restricted to
    Mongoloid features.

  • kwhit190211

    Guys, that just only one of the reasons that I married a Filipino!!

  • cam

    where's the love for 19? my fav by far

  • FrTeochew

    Meh, these are not really the sexy ones … there s so much better ..
    as for exemple Where s Erica Ocampo ?

  • Fred

    More Asian Chick posts please! Pretty Please!!!

  • RicoSan80

    #2 MOAR MISA CAMPO!!!!

  • hhh

    asian girls? asian doesnt jus mean oriental, where's pictures of indian girls, they make up a large chunk of the asian population?

  • tsukushi_


  • Wang

    you guys have no taste in asian women. and number 12 is racist as hell.

  • asianprincess

    #22. spelt asian wrong…lol

  • Banks

    #2……#5…..#13……Ya baby!!!!!!!!!

  • do it

    id let #22 and #28 enslave me…

  • Pooper

    #2 please find her

  • dennis

    i love ur pic send me some more 1 (209)423-6785 pic text thanks

  • Nazz1962

    #2 #4 #5 #13 #14 all make me happy in my pants!

  • cuda

    #27 has always killed me

  • XeonForge

    The ugliest Asians are like are average ones lol. That is pretty good and they age really well to. Damn some I would have guessed were in their early twenties and were like in their mid 30's haha. I would take almost all of these girls over most anything we have to offer. ^_^

  • Countess Bathory

    #30 If I could only have both with me right now!!

  • jakes

    I problem they all look the same

  • Anonymous

    Asian women are my favoured language!!

  • crawford

    Assimilated women are the beautifiest of all females on this plants I would love to date asains

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