Daily Afternoon Randomness (41 Photos)

  • busted

    #15 suggests you live in the midwest.

  • Stan

    I would choose the third one because shes a brunette

    • Benjamin

      Finally someone else with taste

  • DaddyD

    In #41, I am definitely going for the blonde. Why? I am 99% sure that she is shaved clean so that I won't guess that that hair isn't her natural color.

  • AtomManhattan


  • SuPrEmE



    and definately 3 on 41. (after 4)

  • Marcos

    No 1, she look like she wants it in her turd cutter. lol

    • marxz


  • Ziggy

    I did the same thing as #19, but with a bible.

  • Col. Hunter

    #39 thank you. that is all

  • Dlopes

    there is just something really really wrong about #19…oh and 3 because of the "I'm into it all" expression

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.deboer Jeff DeBoer

    #41 um… whichever one is willing.

    • Big Bob

      Silly Jeff, when they aren't that's when it's rapin' time(win win either way).

  • Garen

    definately number 3… however, i mught pass her up for #4

  • Why Not?

    #41 1, 2, and 3 are ok but I prefer #4

  • Libertariandude

    #41. Very, very hard to choose. I'll go with 3, but only after changing my mind half a dozen times.

    • Libertariandude

      And if you need a damn good reason… Her smile is… you know… she looks like the kind of girl who knows, and wants to learn more.

  • Mark

    i drive by #20 on my way to school!!!


    #41 number 3 cuz she has the "i can get down and dirty kinda look"

  • lop

    dammit please what was #35 name?

  • rob

    love me some Hayden side boob #39

  • Mr. Poland

    I love #1. Trains are just like… snow? You're afraid of snow? YOU PUSSY.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jsbrothers John Scott Brothers

    I'll have to go with #3. She's got some great "come f*ck me eyes".

  • Osprey

    #36 hoverhands?

  • mitch

    #1 … What exactly am I looking at?

  • Brian


    Even though she looks like the least photogenic out of the three, she looks like the most ideal one.

    The other two have those readymade photo faces where as #1 does not, and that's kind of appealing. She exudes this kind of awkwardness as well as giving hint to a more interesting side of her. She looks like she has a lot of interesting character in her. Like of redheads aside. I like a sexy brain to go with it 🙂

    • Brian

      Also, pic unrelated?

  • Kyle

    #22… Chive.. Find her. Now. Please. Merciful lord.

  • trollradius

    #4 Get a new hair cut you hipster bitch
    #10 Jailbait + beat =jailbeat
    #41 None. What are you, 11?

  • Benjiman

    #41 Number 2, because blonde and tits

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