Daily Afternoon Randomness (41 Photos)

  • TayTay

    #36 the opposite of the 'hoverhands'

  • eugene

    moar #4 !!!
    moaaaarr lipbites!

  • mike

    Number 29 is Hayden Panettiere it's the scene from that movie I Love You, Beth Cooper and do to honest the movie really not that bad .

  • blacksun919

    #4 all day….

  • Somebody

    #8 is Tiffany Teen if anyone is interested

  • orly

    #29 and #23 HA!

  • Ken


    1 – She's a redhead, 'nuff said

  • bob

    #39 i splooged

  • Locode

    #36 should learn that it's not cool to feel up his sisters.

  • Some Bloke

    #22 I can has perfect woman?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000470425716 Diana Santos

    # 41…probably you don't have power to all anyway ^_^

  • Chris

    # 23 made me spit out my coffee this morning. thanks chive

    • Chris


  • Chaim

    #41 Thats easy, whichever one likes anal, or is willing to try it.

  • Hymie

    Someone help me out with #22. Going to be hard considering everyone wants more info on #4.

  • charles

    #41 I'd say number 3 because well she just looks like she knows what she's doing. the other two appear to still sleep with their teddy bears.

  • Ghost-of-Caesar

    #41 2 looks like she knows she's got a dick comin' her way.

  • Jake

    #36 must be the excact opposite of hover hands… Well played sir!

  • Rob

    #41 – I choose 3….she knows why.

  • NotaTrap

    #15…thank God for the sneakers on the one on the right…had a hard time figuring out where the tree stump stopped….

  • mude44

    #14 Is in Ottawa, ON. Go Canadian Chivers!

  • COdy

    #39 is from I Love you Beth Cooper

  • http://twitter.com/txt2verse @txt2verse

    Looking through the comments, I see you Chivers are obsessed with Hayden Panettiere with the occasional lipbite

    I happen to know that #10 lives in my town, be jealous!

  • Aguelo


    3. She's got this evilish grin…

  • Jason

    #41 =3. She looks exciting.

  • Lucas

    #41, im gonna have to break the rules and say all 3 because there are no real rules in life…

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