GIFS are the Gifts that keep on givin’ the whole year long

  • Joe

    #10 Keeping stereotypes alive

    • George Danger Cruz

      i love that "make it go away" fetal position after every pwned clips/video.

  • Jason statham

    Damn, just when I was getting over megan fox, you post something like that. Does anyone have a link to the pictures from that shoot? She looks sexy there, and her tits look bigger than I ever remember.

  • Its me

    #2 and #8 LMFAO. Well done for sure

  • @Russelbutt

    #9 is from dracula, right? she was the only watchable part of that movie. oh, and the three succubi feeding on keanu reeves.

    • 6655321

      Tom Waits was awesome. But I can't argue with your logic.

    • Sauru

      topless Monica Bellucci is the best reason to watch dracula imo

    • John Whitsel

      Winona: Another waste of hotness. Much like Lindsay.

  • waryee

    #8 LMAO LMAO!!

  • Seven

    Thumbs if you're stoned and laughed your ass off at #2

    • anarcrust

      Nice try, DEA…

    • FleXz

      No, I'm just wondering why no Americans (because I assume this is American) actually know how to roll a good joint… It's a waste of good weed to smoke it pure like this. If you want it pure, use a pipe or vaporizer. For a good joint you at least need a bit of tobacco. And why add the roach last? Roll it in with the goods…
      And yeah, i'm from the Netherlands, where i'm gonna buy me some good Jack Herrer after i'm done working, for a little under 10 bucks per gram.

      • anarcrust

        I like your style, but if your life had a face, I would punch it.

        • Luan Vetoreti

          If his life had a face I'd punch it, in the balls.

      • ttmab

        He wasn't talking about the joint rolling one. He was talking about the waffle one. I'm cool with Marijuana use, but maybe you should ease up on the weed and get some of that brain function back, you pretentious Dutch idiot.

        • anarcrust

          When it was posted it was the joint rolling one. They got switched or something a little after the comments were made.

  • mullie

    Is #9 really from Dracula ? I couldn't find any reference.

    Anyone know ??

    • HHNF_Beau

      Fairly sure it's Winona Ryder.

    • Dildobot5000

      Oh Mina. That scene got lots of wank action before the interwebs.

    • yelito

      It's Bram Stoker's Dracula when she goes to the patio and fund Dracula as a Werewolf creature banging her friend in a red dress quite revealing.

  • Stan


  • flenin

    i dont get what #11 was trying to achieve

    • googboog

      faceless netizens calling him a moron. i believe he succeeded.

    • cepelina

      to be an idiiot and get stuch in the wheely bin. then have to call 911 admit that he in fact IS an idiot.. i dunno that is my guess

    • Brah

      I think he was trying to jump into the garbage can. I really, really pray that he's incapable of reproducing.

    • jimbo

      I don't know what he was trying to do but it just goes to show you that my theory that 'Jackass' is a conspiracy to weed out the idiots of the world by emboldening them to do similar stunts for fame that would actually result in death or possibly some method of castration.

      • tag

        Even if he landed it, he's not softening the landing by aiming to get into the garbage can. He'd probably succeed in breaking his ankle and slamming his face into the ground when the can rolls over.

    • Dane Wolfgang

      he was trying to take out the trash (himself)

  • Adam Purcell

    #7 Damn you Rafa, good riddance. Also glad that Inter sacked you.

  • Jack

    #9 Slow-mo required.

  • ahello2u

    Tell the truth…How many times did you watch #9

    • knuckledonkey

      Don't remember, but when I snapped out of it, it was night time.

    • Cavall

      Until I was finished.

    • avoidz

      I lost count…

  • CaptainInsano

    #10 – See kids, that's why you wear a helmet when you play basketball

  • llama beans

    Winona Ryder: Very underappreciated hottie

    • TheDarkKnight

      I'd hit her so hard whoever pulled me out would be crowned King of England

    • HHNF_Beau

      She was my secret crush for a while. I finally admitted to it and I got SHUT DOWN. I believe of all her roles, for some reason I chose to reference her in Mr. Deeds. Yep.

      • Kjell King


    • Brah

      Now she has crazy eyes, but I don't see how someone couldn't like '90s version of Winona.

  • Paz

    Do the Gifs ever disappoint?

  • Rick

    #3 its not a waste if u lick it off her

  • suomeksi


  • Brah

    I'm gonna pray #10 and #11 are sterile.

  • Rick

    #9, #2 pretty awesome

  • rawnoyz

    #9 FTW had to be coz she had her hand down her pants at the same time!

    • top dog

      Hell, when she ain't stealin she ain't half bad.

  • Deadalready

    9 is hypnotic

  • Jeremiah O'Callahan

    #9 I just can't look away….i'm hypnotized

  • rainy

    #9, it is from dracula… you just have to watch it in HD! there's a lot of scenes like that one 😉

  • Dotaer

    #9 reminds me of a song Can't take my eyes off you…

  • Mr F

    I love you so much Chive ❤

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