Miss Ukraine 2011, probably the best event in world history (27 Photos)

Since the Ukraine is the top exporter of mail-order brides in the world, I suspect you could wait a couple years and pick up a few of these beauties on the cheap...

  • sexoffender

    #2 something is not right

    • sexoffender

      #3 not 2

  • GI Joe

    I hope that the first prize was a platter of cheeseburgers…..

  • Speedy

    Ukraine women either got it, or they dont. just like asian women…..

    • Caliente Papi

      (and Jewish women)

      • Benjamin

        Yeah. What’s with that?

  • Sarah

    #9 WOWZA!

  • Bob


    • Rorscach

      *Whisper* No.

  • theone

    there so so give them an 7-8 and #1 they need to take off those female cups they like thier hiding something, there is nothing wrong with a little camel toe

  • Hoax

    Probably-the-best-event-in-world-history>>>>IRONY>>>>i HOPE


      Oh for fuck sa–, it's SARCASM NOT IRONY. An example of irony would be if it was called "The Best Event in World History" but the pageant took place in outer-space; It would be ironic because it can't be explicitally counted among WORLD history due to it taking place in space(rather shitty example, but it serves). Sorry, I just get so sick of people misusing that word.

  • http://grind365.com Alllll


  • Kevrobmc

    The winner is ok..ish. Last year's winner is a stunner tho!!

  • GGG1228

    Ukrainian girls are hot. I should know. I married one. They are far better looking on average than American women.

    BTW Chive, it is called "Ukraine" not "the Ukraine". The later is what the Russians called it during the Soviet empire.

  • Gutterville

    Ukrainain and czech women dont need make up to look good, they're naturally beautiful


      i agree. not like these american cows.

  • anonymous

    #20, the chive is trying to get free iphones through advertising.

  • thetommynews

    #24….Geez, they're all ugly. Thank god I live in the states.


      i know, i thank the lord sarah palin everyday for that.

  • Adrian Gonzalez

    Yes… they are cute. But watch Miss Venezuela, Miss Colombia or Miss Puerto Rico and change your opinions… 😉

  • Dave

    no randomness today? we get this crappy gallery instead?

  • northerner

    #5, third from the left, the blond with #1 tag on her wrist. She's the tallest. Lovely, slender, gorgeous hair, face, legs.

  • punji

    #1 ive spotted cameltoes, hq version plz 🙂

  • Mat

    for those of you who think kostya tszyu doesnt deserve to appear somewhere in the chive

    this should answer your questions. tszyu = awesome

  • ttmab


  • Sugreev2001

    #2 is fantastic,the other are hot but regular "hot"

  • Chris

    Nice but you should do a post on hot Irish women. Anybody with me?

  • Always Last


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