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Pernilla Lundberg is my Swedish Goddess of the day (23 Photos)

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Swedish model Pernilla Lundberg has been featured in FHM and in various other ads. But who cares, look at her.

  • Irock

    #3 Liquor in the front!

  • crazy2


  • EmBo

    Gotta poop? #13

    • northerner

      Had that same thought, actually.

  • Duder

    wow, disappointed yet again…ugly face, fake tities, and no ass……awesome

  • northerner

    #17, just something terribly sexy about a beautiful woman in a squat pose…especially with a bare, lovely tush…

  • northerner

    #7, beautiful gal, love that defiant pose, just have to photoshop him out of the pic…

  • trollradius

    Gross face, fake-ass titties. No thanks.

  • Johhny_6

    #8 Awesome photo bomb!

  • Spu

    Dang… my number one pet peeve: flipping off the camera. I don't get that. It's not cool. It's not sexy. it's annoying as crap. WAY more than duckfacing

  • ttmab

    I must agree with Sir Mix-A-Lot on this one.

  • MrCjv

    Not to sound to cruel but she looks used up, has no ass and all the make-up in the world won't jive against the chivetts we see here. Go home and stay there.

  • Chris

    Needs to eat a sammich but still hot!

  • The Dude

    #18 is probably the sexiest photo.

  • do it

    i love dirty ass blonde prostitutes.

  • brent


  • grgf

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  • Rick

    ugly ugly ugly..awful body, head is bigger than the body. No expression, bad pics

  • Always Last


  • Retired Navy

    What a waste of good booze! That's alcohol abuse!!!!!

  • Mr. Kim

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  • Mr. Kim

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