Pernilla Lundberg is my Swedish Goddess of the day (23 Photos)

Swedish model Pernilla Lundberg has been featured in FHM and in various other ads. But who cares, look at her.

  • Irock

    #3 Liquor in the front!

  • crazy2


  • EmBo

    Gotta poop? #13

    • northerner

      Had that same thought, actually.

  • Duder

    wow, disappointed yet again…ugly face, fake tities, and no ass……awesome

  • northerner

    #17, just something terribly sexy about a beautiful woman in a squat pose…especially with a bare, lovely tush…

  • northerner

    #7, beautiful gal, love that defiant pose, just have to photoshop him out of the pic…

  • trollradius

    Gross face, fake-ass titties. No thanks.

  • Johhny_6

    #8 Awesome photo bomb!

  • Spu

    Dang… my number one pet peeve: flipping off the camera. I don't get that. It's not cool. It's not sexy. it's annoying as crap. WAY more than duckfacing

  • ttmab

    I must agree with Sir Mix-A-Lot on this one.

  • MrCjv

    Not to sound to cruel but she looks used up, has no ass and all the make-up in the world won't jive against the chivetts we see here. Go home and stay there.

  • Chris

    Needs to eat a sammich but still hot!

  • The Dude

    #18 is probably the sexiest photo.

  • do it

    i love dirty ass blonde prostitutes.

  • brent


  • grgf

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  • Rick

    ugly ugly ugly..awful body, head is bigger than the body. No expression, bad pics

  • Always Last


  • Retired Navy

    What a waste of good booze! That's alcohol abuse!!!!!

  • Mr. Kim

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  • Mr. Kim

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