• Jory

    Oh yes hard and all the time

  • Deedge

    Not until she cleans her room and gets some sheets on her bed.

    • @GarrisonBerry

      I second that. My blackness can't deny a fat white ass like that.

    • DertyChomper

      No joke… BUT I like the snakeskin walls. I bet she's a freak.

  • Joe


    • gator

      she looks like she can make a good sammich to

    • Tristan

      heck yeah, bedn her over and go to town

      • TeamAmerica

        YES: Totally!!!

  • Mek

    Why not?

    • Dudi

      Because you'd be in a danger of sinking and suffocating in a mound of fat. Not a nice way to go.

      • Michael Dufour

        Why not, she has good proportions, shapes are harmonious, i will definitely will

  • chance

    Sure why not she's got a pretty face

    • jim

      not to mention rack and junk!

      • Emt


    • TIZ

      and big boobs, always a plus haha

    • chance

      You guys are right. The things i'd do to her she'd never forget! Love the curves by the way.

    • MMAN87

      My sentiments exactly good sir! I bet it would be a helluva good time:D

  • Joe


    But I wouldn't admit to it to any of my friends..

    • Keith Piscitelli

      like riding a moped?

      • plumper thumper

        Yeah, i absolutely would. Unfortunately I've done a lot "moar" woman than that on a couple of occasions, and the part that freaked me out most was how much i enjoyed it.

    • llama beans

      I'm sure she won't tell her friends about you either

      • St Pauly Peter

        absolutely pOwned! nice one llama-

      • Joe

        lol, that reminds of a relationship I had with your mom.

        You weren't born between '84 and '87 were you? Cause that'd be awkward.

        • Scotty

          If you were having a relationship with a woman between '84 and '87 don't you think you would have noticed if she was pregnant before '87…?

          • Nexant

            Your implying he meant "woman" she could have just been one of many women in his denim tuxedo wearing, mullet plying mid-80s adventure.

    • Paul

      I'd brag. . . she's hot.

    • Pinche Manny

      Jajajaja totaly !

  • Boris

    Hell yes.

  • Brandon N

    Fuck yes

  • leeroyjenkins


    • Obvious Dick

      Do people still use Leeroy or am I still in 2005?


        Leeroy pwns. the end.

  • Erik


  • jtatman

    HELL YES!!! I bet she is a screamer. She might have a little more cushion, but I'll do the pushin'

    • cantkillcastro

      Thick chicks give better oral anyway!
      More enthusiastic at least 🙂

      • What?

        Thats cuz they are hungry!

        • ghostofmlg

          The why is irrelevant. No such thing as bad head.

          • GL Lee

            oh yes there is….

  • SinisteRtheWickeD

    at least twice, and with the lights on! YUM

  • Bruno

    So she's a MOPED, they're fun to ride

    • Steve

      …until someone you know sees you doing it.

      • edubya

        dammit didn't se yours beat me too it

    • edubyya

      until your friends see ya.

  • Paul Musselman

    Fellas please! This is the epitome of a BBW!

    • Anon

      actually that would be the epitome of voluptuous… nao if she was a big bigger yeah

    • pornstar46

      as a BBW I'd do her in a heart beat

  • Mr.Bing

    I would. So totally would.

  • jaredallas

    Thick (not fat, look closely) girls are the best. Slap her ass and ride in on the wave, my friends.

    • samP


    • nowei

      i agree with the general idea. she is thick, not fat. thus answer is yes.

  • The Dude

    She would be an improvement on my roster.

    • Chris aka Lanky

      That was good

    • Sarah

      LOL that sounded so bitter

    • Chestboy

      HAHA, love this one!

  • Boscoe

    Of course, she's beautiful! Full scale maybe, but nothing is drooping, folding, rippling, bulging or sagging, she's just a very healthy girl.

    • Javi

      I think u said it best

    • TCB12


    • hhh

      Agree. 100%

  • nojunk

    yes! more of her please

    • Poopslikelittlebunny

      C'mon give'er her own post!

    • Hoosier Daddy

      I agree! MOAR!!!!

  • jozef

    yes, shes not fat at all

  • Keith Piscitelli

    put her face on Pernilla Lundberg's body…

  • kevin

    she's got a rather high belly button, no?

    • cmanpaok

      it is high,isnt it?

    • nwest

      LOL!! George?

  • Mark Da Shark

    Nothing a stairmaster couldn't fix.

  • Ghost-of-Caesar

    Fat bitches need love too.

  • JGilp

    After 9 months at a FOL with no women…. HELLS YES!

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