Daily Afternoon Randomness (43 Photos)

  • Random

    #43 definitely hot

    • chuck

      hell of a gap she has.

    • fly

      The face looks like jail-bait. *cough* second *cough*

    • BOBBO

      Tiny Face, Huge Head.

      • uberbrie

        ….I've seen this picture a million times and never realized her arms are in impossible position…damn you photoshop…consider the illusion shattered 😦

        • code

          Look at it again. That's perfectly possible…

          • Matt

            yeah they are definitely possible. Shes pushing her chest out and yanking her arms behind her. definitely possible, but in a really weird position.

            I'm going to go with hot girl, bad pic. Oh and great body, even if those boobs are completely fake.

    • Rega

      Yes. Yes she is.

    • http://Xaotikdesigns.com Adam

      I'd like to see a straight on shot. There seem to be some weird angles going on there. I'm willing to be some shooping has been done to this pic.

    • gaylord

      clearly the boobs are shopped.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=761074582 Jessica Condrey

        Anime Girl Figure= 10 year old girl face/body+ HUGE Boobs 😉

      • Justin

        Look under her left boob and see the weird photoshop leftovers.

    • trollradius

      shopped. and no, she has gross fake tits and a small head and even smaller face (of a 12 year old)

    • urno

      but you'd lay it on it's back and un-bra it and the tittie's would just lay under it's armpits.

      • Poot

        "it" HAH!

    • http://www.estoyaburrido.com.mx/ Estoy Aburrido

      Photoshop, Look at the Neck / Boobs they cant be in that position !

    • nitroactive13

      If you have to think if she is hot you might be homo

    • Ken

      An 8 year old girl with a tan and boob-job…what's weird about that?

    • not a pedo

      hot, but has a baby face, thats what;s weird about her

    • Andrew

      I would have sex with her twice a day everyday for like a year

  • jason B.

    Alright let’s help Will out.
    Hot or not. thumbs decide ———->

  • Kazy

    #7 – Mt. Baker Highway? (WA Rt. 542)

  • Nick

    Thumbs to put an end to assholes who say, "First."

    • Lefty

      'cause that'll work.

      • Nick

        It might..

        but, if not. Just think of #20

    • Anon

      i don't give my thumbs to beggers. unless they are chicks, begging for my thumb

    • http://www.facebook.com/scubasteve4 Steve Bradley

      I've never understood everyone's animosity to the whole "First" thing. Who gives a shit? Unless you secretly wanted to be first and they beat you to it.

    • Dik

      Thumbs up to put an end to assholes who say "Thumbs up for (…)!"

  • E-Money

    #33 "DO NOT WANT!"

  • jack

    #43 NOT

    • Yourfreakindaddy

      Explain why not! Oh wait your a fag!

      • Jeremy

        I vote not as well. She looks like she's 13 in the face. I'd feel like a pedo the entire time I was trying to even just preheat the oven. Her legs are skinny enough I'm guessing that she's probably short in the ass department as well, which helps propagate the pedo thing as well as just being a general turn off.

        Let me dumb it down. No ur a fag.

    • nathan

      jack… I got some bad news for you buddy… The good news is that there is a great web site called the berry! it will probably suit you better!

    • sabrefan68

      Hard to judge hotness from Jack's mom's basement !! Definitely HOT !!

    • Kenson

      You are NOT straight

    • kyle brown

      you're joking… right?

  • qwerty

    #20 is Melanie Iglesias.

    • Eric

      Isn't that the girl that won Maxim's home town hotties? Not exactly difficult to find her.

    • rlmnofjean-ious

      who is this chick!? I'm in love!

      • Global Crusader



    • Big Curt

      Thank u thank u very much…she is a TEN

  • j-man85

    #35 fuck yeah

    • Ellie

      hell fucking yes

    • P90

      Russell Brand is one lucky fucker.

  • Dave

    #43 Smokin Hot!!!!

  • GTO

    #20 yes please more please

  • Daryl is best

    #20 – her name is Melanie Iglesias. She's aaaa-mazing. You get that, Chive? I hope you can hear me, damnit.

    • John

      Loud and clear. Hawking her down this very moment…

  • Blane26


    • trollin

      I see what you did there……… You knew that you would not be first…..

    • A Certified Genius


  • joe

    #17, keep the girl in school, make sure she graduates with honors

    • HHNF_Beau

      I was just at the campus a few weeks ago…

  • Aly

    There have been so many better gifs, what about the Emma Waston gifs?

  • parlay

    #26 – well played, sir

  • chance

    Will do you know how i know your gay? #43

  • Daved

    #13 i can't tell you how fast i typed in wowcraftblog. but i think i just broke my key board….. p.s. don't waste you time..:(

    • thomas

      So you think that ANYONE will wait to type in that URL until after they hvae read the comments?? I don't think so, chump 🙂

  • WHT

    #15, the fail is that you are on the SpongeBob site. #43, not.

  • tsukushi_

    #39 – Trollin'

    • nodomag

      u jelly?

    • cpt

      if chins could kill…

  • order-66
    • http://www.thechive.com it'sa me, Mario

      agreed, her tits don't match the body. Photoshopped? She is hot, but those breasts mess up the picture.

  • anon

    #41 find girl on the left

  • Necangelus

    #9 are you sure this is jessica alba?

    • schnizz

      yep, its from SNL

    • seriously

      yes……from SNL

    • Capt. Obvious

      That is Alba. It is from the new sketch song on SNL "I Just Had Sex"

    • thesuckas

      From this

      • Necangelus

        Sorry, i have to admit defeat. And Thanks for the nice video

  • Cody

    #39 = best real troll face ever

  • Kris Coleman


    I would destroy her. With my genitals.

  • jack

    #43 the photo is very very shopped

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