Daily Afternoon Randomness (43 Photos)

  • TCB12

    You, Ma'am, are hired!


  • Johnny-k

    #43 she is cute, but her face looks like a kids face, and the body does not compute!

  • TCB12

    #24 looks badass until you think about the fact that his hand is in the wet spot left from dude's shaking their dicks after pissing.

    • busted

      Still made me lol. Not my hand.

  • Nerf herder

    #4 Ninja Kitten says, "You're already dead"….

  • Chris aka Lanky


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17815425 Adam Purcell

    #2 Meanwhile in Japan

    and my response to those tentacle pervs? http://smirkingcynic.com/wp-images/macros/gtfo.gi

  • Eeik5150

    #43 is one of the chicks that has all the right parts yet winds up with a funny looking face. This is kind of like the chicks that have all the wrong parts and wind up looking hot (aka Ugly-hot). Remember the really tall chick from 3rd Rock from the Sun? No one thing about her was hot, but she pulled off hot. #43 is her opposite, but I'd still nail her…that's why God made paper bags.

  • Ben

    It's probably her fake boobs.

  • chrisdg74

    #35 – God bless Katy Perry and her double-D's.

  • Not First

    Not really. There have been much hotter chicks on here.

    Props to those who found her, now get some more pics!

  • chris

    # 43 Shopped? Who cares. Looks good to go.

  • Capt. Obvious

    #43 Well, she is cute. She is a little weird because her face looks like it should be on a Middle Schooler. If I had verified state ID I would destroy any innocence she had, I would defile her in ways that would make angels weep. Cheers.

  • gif lover

    definitely should have a gif of the year!!

  • worldwarzisaprophecy

    #43 is definitely hot. but her face is like strange and childish and she has big ears but she is definitely not a butterface

  • Llewelyn Moss

    #20 Is that Javier Bardem?

  • Llewelyn Moss

    #28 Is that Javier Bardem?

  • Bax

    #20 ….. oh…. my…. bombshell

  • bax

    #20 oh….. my….. bombshell


  • Doughy

    Last girl is a butterface, she could peel a penis with those chiclets!

  • derp

    fat chance is used sarcastically while slim chance is literal.

  • danny

    Is 35 Katy Perry?

  • Notmejustyou

    #43 and #20–looking good to me. May we have some more, please?

  • 32psi

    #43 twisted balloon tits … I feel ill

  • Sunny Jim

    #24 Anybody thinking what I'm thinking…..overspray in the face?

  • okeemic smokey

    #10-Meet my octo-dick, it grows and grows.

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