Kids can’t spell the word stress…must be nice (20 Photos)

  • PWNT


  • Boink

    #15 Now that is enthusiasm. I predict much duckface from this girl in her teen years..

    • Poopslikelittlebunny

      Fuckin A

  • Diana Santos

    #10 and #19 awwwwwwwwwwww ❤

  • OneClownShoe

    #20 WTF?!?

    • YouLostTheGameBTW

      I don't think it's a Schwastica.

      I belive it's a Hindu symbol. It looks like the Schwastica but rotated 45 Degrees and colour'd blue. Can't remember the name of it, I'll have to ask my friend.

      • RiHugh

        I think the nazis stole the symbol and obviously corrupted it. I see a similar version on the Buddhist temples here in Korea. At first I though there was a shit load of nazis running amok.

        • Robert

          yeah, obviously these very white kids are wearing a costume with Buddhist symbols on them.

        • Guz

          Just use headshots. You'll be ok.

      • bongo

        The ones shown are considered turned at a 45 degree angle, like the Nazi's used.

      • Kidd Gunn

        Yeah it is. Nazis didn't invent the swastika.

    • Gus

      It was also common on saddles, gun-belts, and other cowboy gear in the US prior to the 1930s. I would bet this photo predates Nazi Germany.

  • Bud Ugly

    Awwwww — insert mushy stuff here — wwwwww.

    Especially #10. How cute.

  • Tyler Mars

    #7 thats kids going places….like jail

  • Why Not?

    #3 is that a dollar in his hand?

  • mali sapun

    #14 haters gonna hate.

  • rawnoyz

    i blame alot on cartoons like #1..

    • BigDingo

      Like laughter?

      • Kevrobmc

        Dude, Spongebb is the bees knees! Don't blame a cartoon, blame yourself!

        • rawnoyz

          for what?

      • rawnoyz

        for making the world that much dumber… especially kids in the USA where they like to keep kids in class as minimal as possible.

        • coco

          isn't that the truth, every year my children's school calendar seems to have more and more "holidays" on it.. when i was in school we got out in June for Summer Vac.. my children get out in the beginning of MAY (barely after they've gone back from Spring Break) and still go back the end of AUG wtf???

          • rawnoyz

            exactly. i remember having a minimum day like once a month in elementary n kids here have minimum days every week! in highschool some classes aren't even required if youve gotten enough units to graduate! wtf is that? good thing i went to high school abroad than getting america's poor excuse of an education.

        • Chris

          In class as minimal as possible. Nice grammar lessons you had.

          Its too bad that everyone blames the public school systems for the stupidity of their children and peers.

          Sorry to say, we may just be breeding more people that have lower IQ's than higher because those with higher IQ's think about having a child more so they end up either not having them or having less.

          Be glad your children can even go to school, can you teach them half the things the learned in school? I doubt it.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #7 not unlike bonsai kittens..

    more on #20 – native americans made them too. Many cultures used it or a variant. It's a simple shape.
    no negative meaning at all till the nazi's used it.

    • bongo

      yep yep- u r right.


    #1 is not the problem of our children – look to the source and that would be parents. I have a 10 year old who loves SB, I love and so does my wife. It’s up to the parents to make sure that our children know the difference between cartoons and reality. Use common sense, get involved with your children’s lives and take interest in what they do. My daughter is an A student, she has a big heart and a great kid. Cartoons have nothing to do with how kids are – it’s the parents who provide the early year influences that determine your child’s personality, their desires and their futures.

    • strawberrybanana

      cool story bro

    • Dan

      That's a lot of words…..

    • lalabro

      well said sir

    • rawnoyz

      dude… elementary school in the US is a JOKE! Sure you can watch how your kid grows up and be involved as much as you want, but the moment they step in school with other kids who have dumbed themselves and unfortunate enough to have a teacher who doesnt give a damn about your kid then you have no power over that. The interaction between your child and her peers are out of your control. But kudos to you for having a great kid, the majority of the parents in the US cannot say the same about theirs.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    dang it I'm off today. I meant #9 above is like bonsai kittens, not seven!!!

  • alex.justesen

    #1 is my no.1 most annoying show

  • bongo

    American Indians also used the "non-turned" version of the symbol. Don't see where anyone is saying the angle version belongs solely to the Nazis.

    • It'sJimmyYo!


  • babymistakes

    #10 I'd take the Weimaraner over the kid any day. I mean… if I had to choose.

  • lonin

    #7 just makes me sad. That child doesn't know hate.

    • PiddlyD

      I just imagine the disappointment in humanity that must have been going through that officer's mind. That child doesn't know hate – but it will, and the officer surely knows this.

  • BloodScrubber

    #5 10 seconds away from the ass whippin of his life.

  • col. Hunter

    ILIKE2PLAY2DAY, it is a joke. that is all

  • Anonymous

    #5 spilled my weed?

  • guest

    Hey Chive!! That's the second Nazi reference in two days, WTF???

  • amplidudes

    #4 aaaaaaaw, such a sweet kid!


    Did #15 scare the shit out of anyone else?

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