So you got wasted last night… (20 Photos)

  • max

    go chive 🙂

  • first max

    go chive 🙂

    • Name has first in it

      Nice how you managed to sneak first into your post and no one realised.
      In fact they thumbed you up.

  • james

    wow, that guy is really cool ^

    • topher

      Here's a hint. If you wanna reply to someone; use the reply button jackass.

      • snywarf

        shut up

      • ImJustHere

        STFU ……like this?

  • Cqcumber

    cant imagine how drunk ill be for new year eve party…

  • burch21

    effing hilarious since today is my 21st birthday!!! bahaha i see this in my immediate future….

  • chrisdg74

    #7 – Surprise buttseks. Even if you were wasted, it STILL happened.

    • SirSparkz

      The chair is even gettin' some. o.0

  • Tony

    Thumbs up if you want a special new year's edition of "so you got wasted" in early january —–>

  • Noway Jose

    #15 She is good to go. Now she can become the party.

    • Hitbox

      Suprise Butt Secks!

    • David

      Get in line

  • Diana Santos

    #4 at least she took the shoes off before ^_^

  • NotaTrap

    #4, #15….ready to rock

  • Uberbrie

    Damn I miss college…I mean, it's not like I remember most of it…but that's what I miss! FYI #11…that's what you get for leaving your shoes on.

  • stella

    The stuff weve done to drunk friends… Dyed hair shaved heads eybrows beards tasches drawn on faced. Once painted a lad blue with gloss for wood from hair to chest. Never had the sense to photo it. Then again didnt have a camera [twas the 80s]. You know, digital cameras are brilliant

  • Tean_Zu

    #7 Welcome to Jersey Shore!

  • mattythegooch

    #17 you've got to be fucked up, when you wake up as a "Juggalo"..

  • Steve

    I just hope that after people take these pics they get their drunk ass friends out of the snow and inside, because you know….they could die.

    • Ralphian

      Psh, it's not a party until someone dies…..

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  • kitkat63376

    #2…Cruel…the guy could freeze to death and never evenn know it. Better to call the police and let him spend a warm night in jail than die out there.
    #7…Yer doin' it wrong…

  • Hmm

    Good times.. Gooood times..

  • top dog

    #6 and #9, thats just ridicules.

  • duderino

    hahaha im still drunk from last night this is awesome.

  • guest #1

    # 4 things are gonna get real rapey in a few minutes

  • guest #1

    #4 things are gonna get real rapey

  • babymistakes

    #6 It's all fun and games until you wake up paralyzed from the neck down.

  • cantkillcastro

    #19 I couldn't hold my booze when I was 13 either….

  • Kevrobmc

    Gotta love the simple things in life 🙂

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