Yo Tsai captures hotties in her photobooth (20 HQ Photos)

  • hellochrisss

    Who is #14 ????

    • Bob

      Kristen Stewart

    • KUI

      Twilight's female mongoloid

    • Shogun

      i didnt think so before but shes got a high cute factor going for her

      • Kevrobmc

        No dude, really? I can't stand that whole "I'm so depressed, Suburbia ca do that to you" ROFL

  • jozef

    great photos, btw kate beckinsale is not from this world

    • Lev

      Is she from the…. UNDERWORLD?

  • Racer

    I just love Katy Perry…… 's boobs.

  • Nerf herder

    Dear God,
    Thank you for making Kate Bekinsale. #15

  • Eazy E

    #17 and #18 MOOOAAARRR, Thumbs decide——>

  • http://www.facebook.com/mengler2 Mike Engler

    #8 #9 #10

    dear god i love Katy Perry… top 5 for me

  • thegza

    #6 Well that just creeped me out…Stupid clowns

    • Gecko

      Indeed, that was WTF blur if i ever saw one

    • napamamascribe

      Rose McGowan kinda freaks me out anyway

  • YesPlease

    Is is just me or does Minka Kelly, #1, look a lot like Leighton Meester? Maybe we could have a gallery of the both of them to compare notes?

  • Gecko

    #7 i think i'm love
    Goofy Hot Chicks FTW

  • Jin

    this just proves that they're hot regardless what face they make

  • Gabe

    Minka Kelly .. new favorite

  • Steve

    wow you guys are retarded. Kesha is bangin!

  • schnizz

    #5 someone needs to show Ke$ha how to use a tampon…

  • Nick

    its funny that 13 is number 13 because she was in the movie thirteen… evan rachel wood haha just saying

  • Kevrobmc

    #15 Kate should have her own post!

  • napamamascribe

    For the Record I believe its Yu Tsai

    The list for those who want it. But totally google her. She has some really amazing work

    Minka Kelly are 1&2. 3 is Anne Hathaway 4 is Christina Ricci, 5 Kesha. 6 Rose McGowen 7 is Liz Vassey. 8-10 is Katy Perry. 11 Janet Jackson. 12 is Zoe Saldana. 13 is Evan Rachel Wood. 14 Kristen Stewart. 15 Kate Beckinsale, 16 Leona Lewis. 17/18 Lea Michele 19/20 is Rachel Bilson

  • jack

    #14 #12 #3#4 hot and class

  • BloodScrubber

    Totally super sexy post! You go Yo!
    Well, except for No5. That chick is just…um…weird.

  • Ben

    I am all about #2

  • yelito

    This is one of the best post I have seen in a while…by the way I feel like playing with myself watching #17

  • Dave

    This is now my favorite Chive post ever.

  • cpt

    is 5 ke$ha?
    did she stick her fingers in poo and wipe it on herself? i could honestly see her doing that..

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #20 all day long….

  • evazen

    Kesha is actually surprisingly hotter than Kirsten Stewart. Bleh. That giant picture…. her wink just looks painful…

    Also, missing Scarlett Johannson and Hayley Williams.

  • Simon

    I know . I like Kristen Stewart too #14 FTW

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