Anonymous hottie found: Meet Melanie Iglesias (10 Photos)

In yesterday's Randomness, one of our Chivers demanded we find the girl in the photo directly below. Our Chivers were all over it and filled me in.
Her name is Melanie Iglesias. She was a relative unknown until last month when Maxim Magazine made Melanie their Hometown Hottie of the Year.
Melanie is a 21 year-old singer/song writer born in New York City. Until recently, she was a waitress in a pizzeria, which is kinda hot because chicks that work are sexy. Pizza is also pretty sexy for that matter. But is she sexy enough? I leave it to you, Chivers, because your opinion is the only one that matters...

Photos originally from here. Also credit the amazing photographer Tat Leong.

  • RicoSan80

    #20 #27

    I thought she was okay…..but THESE TWO have got me taking a HARD look. (Pun intended)

  • joshua

    perfection by here parents not too much not too little just right every mans dream girl

  • Boris

    Very nice. Do want.

  • Herm23

    #27 – MOAR!!!

  • Giggity

    I'm in love..

  • Jack

    you did good chive, you did good

  • Pani Booyah

    I just lost a testicle!!

  • SJay

    o.O a cross between Misa Campo and Erin McNaught.

  • Master-Bait

    For the rapper with the 'ill' lyrics – I'd like to share mine with you?:

    Guys who can rap just make my day
    Molding words together like a child with clay!
    Smoking weed ain't good for your chest
    Leave the herb for a bird to build her lil' nest!
    Now if my rhymes sound good or as the french say "bon"
    Perhaps you will say with me "Chive on!"

    Please give me a "thumbs up".

  • Pooper

    in Pic #22. in the face she kinda looks like Lucy Pinder

  • Patrick

    #24 FTW

  • Thomas Maxwell

    Fuck y'all talking bout she is fuckin bad in every picture homies and of course she is real.
    NO she isn't "AIRBRUSHED" and sure she is wearing makeup but how much we dont know. Also, who are we to judge her by what we see of her in PIC'S and by what we assume about her based on what we see of her in these pic's and it's what you see in person that matters most right?

  • Tom

    I do remember Melanie Iglesias from HIN in 09 at Belmont park raceway in LI NY! Very beautiful then, and still now.

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    Man, something about her personality…an ass…
    But she's from Brooklyn, hustles in basketball, and dirtbikes… HER…
    I'd pass out if I heard her voice…

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  • kael

    not really a fan, her chin just just looks too long

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  • Gonzo

    if she is any way related to Julio Iglesias she is most def a nymph

  • Jenny

    drop-dead gorgeous…she has a unique face…epic indeed
    i think she shoulda be number one in maxim…she's sexier than a lot of women in hollywood…if not the sexiest…

  • Clubber Lang

    maybe perfect if she doesn't talk

  • libby

    wow these are so hot i just jacked off

  • Anonymous

    i wanna marry dis girl!!!!!!!

  • Immortalteq


  • Immortalteq


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