Daily Afternoon Randomness (45 Photos)

More pics of the fake Jenn Sterger here.

  • Parker

    Just saw #5 on my Delta flight home for Xmas. I'm pretty sure she's an alien.

    • Keith

      I'm a fan. Have been since the first time I saw her. My wife tries to make me feel guilty about the joy I find in safety videos now. Doesn't work.

    • Dude

      Her mouth is enormous and the way she is filmed right up in her face. I find her pretty off putting as well. Especially when she wags her finger at me.

    • StevenP

      She's the hottest thing I ever saw! I pinged her on an Aircrew chat just after the vid went viral… She was the sweetest gal to take the time to say hello… Just couldn't figure out how to carry on a convo without seeming all stalky…That's a Ginger to make even a normal guy like me go all goofy….

    • Mike Khunt

      I want her to be my proctologist please

    • gbody

      I don't think she's an alien, I think she has plastic surgery on her face.

    • Bdrizzle

      #5 would look better if she were doing what #41 is doing

      • hab

        #41 is from hot tub time machine

  • thomas

    thanks, Chive, she's always wearing a t-shirt. always wanted to see the sweater kittens breathe. #10

    • Chris

      i really hope she bails on her breast reduction surgery

    • Dave

      My jaw literally dropped

    • Keith

      Chive fail for not posting this picture in her thread before. We needed this pic and others like it. Moar!

    • Something
  • rick

    Some new info here. The next chive meetup/gangbang will be in Seattle. #18

    • PJ Fry

      I'm local too! Chive on yall!

  • partly

    #45 nope, not today, not any day.

    • Brad

      she's like the khloe kardashian version of jenn sterger…

    • SeaBassEX

      She's a brunette and has boobs. That's where the similarities stop.

    • Syra

      her face is to full and her breasts are a lot smaller but attractive none the less

    • cpt

      barely an resemblance… but nice try

    • Chaz McCupertino

      I would.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000856050565 George Danger Cruz

      i dont know which one is jenn cause i dont know jenn, but the one on the bottom looks better.

  • jennifer

    I was having a bad day until i got to #38. all better now

    • Brian

      with just two days left we got the best picture of the year!!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=617461769 Kjell King

        I'm not a Boondock Saints fan at all, but that was awesome.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=761074582 Jessica Condrey

          I'm posting this pic on my facebook wall. All the cool kids will enjoy it;)
          That movie is freakin awesome…seriously dude wtf 0___0

          • denzino

            It took you all the way to 38? my day got infinitely better @ #10

            Also, Jessica, if you don't mind answering, I'm curious how many friend requests you've had (and how many you've denied) since your Gamer Girl fame?

        • fibonacci5150

          Ya Boondock Saints blows……………Twilights head off

  • grrrr

    does anyone else find it creepy when people comment on here like this? #10 "slowly puts hand down pants" some guy used to do it all the time and i seriously felt uncomfortable reading it

    • BuckNekkid

      Not sure I understand your comment. Where did the 'slowly puts hand down pants' come from? Are you implying that every comment is creepy or just the hands down pants kind?

      • http://www.facebook.com/JustinVincentHall Justin Hall

        I agree. I always thought that comment was weird. You have to do that shit quickly when you're at work.

        • grrrr

          not every commment…some guy would comment on here and like narrate what he's doing (jerkin his gerkin) while looking at the pictures. just weird

          • mmmm

            mmmm… (puts down his pants while reading grrrr's words)

            • Martin

              'slowly puts hands down pants'
              reads comment
              'slowly takes hand out of pants'

              • Slowerly

                "slowly inserts finger in own ass, thinks of grrrs mom doing the same. Slowly orgasming. Slowly saying thanks." Thaaaaaaaaanks.

              • googboog


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1506462155 Dan Crowley

      #10 *Slowly puts hand down pants*

    • Negrodamas

      I'm so, so sorry you've been forced to read comments that make you feel uncomfortable! Seriously.

      • grrrrr

        that's fag lover

        • grrrrr

          …negrodamas for you

        • Finster

          Reading that some guy batched to delicious, delicious titties makes you uncomfortable, but calling some one a fag lover is fine? Youre a cum rag. FAIL!

  • missile

    #35 GAWD

    • Eazy E


    • Lau

      Wait a minute, we don't know how much liars powder there is in use here.

      Aw screw it, MOAR TOO!!!

    • lowwse


    • dTheMan

      moar… my heart stopped for a second…

    • cpt

      its the eyes, theyre entrancing, i love it

    • uniquenewyork


      • Mr F

        Angelababy. Open your eyes.

    • Kenny B

      FIND HER

      • illogix

        Tis all I could find. Happy to see my submission show up though!

    • GFHunter

      Please tell me who she is, absolutely gorgeous.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000856050565 George Danger Cruz

        HE is a guy. boom!

  • aosux

    #41 I don't even know how I pried away from it long enough to write this.

    • Duskrogue

      You got that right, dang!

    • joeybeadz

      Hot Tub Time Machine

  • j-man85

    #6 powered by natural gas

    • Jolk

      Awesome statement !

    • ROK

      that rocket outhouse goes 80mph if i remember correctly. that guy also has a rocket schoolbus that goes 350mph!

  • mipo2010

    #10, Im tearing up a bit right now just thinking about her getting a reduction… *sniffle*

    • grrrr

      you serious clark?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=617461769 Kjell King

        It's like slapping God in the face

        • Dave Chapell

          Yes, thank you, I thought that was funny too……the first 1,000,000,000,000,000 times I heard it repeated.

          • A Certified Genius

            I guess she doesnt like people acting like theyre listening to her.

          • Prof. Damfeuchs

            -2 points
            Please use scientific notation on future homework. Thank you.

            • Dave Chapell

              Well aware. Didn't care. Get over it. Thank you.

  • Bob

    #45 big boobs rule

  • GTO

    #11 impossible, yet…strangely….hypnotic

    • Speedy

      in a way, its kinda gross……

      • Juan

        Agreed(you can never fully forget that's where the farts and shit come from…..)

    • Anthony

      finally some ass on here!!!!!!!!! find em !!!!!!!!!!!

      • TheChipification

        it's photoshopped

        • Hez26

          true….i even think the orignal was posted on to point that out

    • Bob

      Why is this attractive?? It's a BIG ass…not sexy

      • cheek checker

        why are these attractive?? they're BIG tits…

        it's all in what you like, bob. you want a girl that's built like she's got CD cases for cheeks, have at it. i'll take a couple of christmas hams any day.

        (but seriously, the photo is shopped and t shirt girl's tits are the tits)

        • cheek's corrections



    • russ

      hi. this is blatantly photoshopped. you fail.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jorge.pimentel20 Jorge Pimentel

        Those are the cheerleaders for a Dominican baseball team called Leones del Escogido. They were imported from Venezuela and with them the team has been kicking ass after a 14 year slumber XD I've seen those girls live and they are pretty close but the picture those look kinda off. They caused a riot because they used that same picture on the newspaper.

        I hope they crash and burn later down the league thou, not a fan of the team 🙂

  • Jam

    #7 is the hottest photo ever taken……thumbs for lip bite gallery>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Jam

      meant #17

      • grrrr


        • Crawwwwn

          Yes you do.

  • lonin


    I'm sorry…I forgot what I was going to say.

    • Eazy E

      That's cheating… if I make this in the cleavage it's an automatic win!

    • SeaBassEX

      The best is when you nail the shot and they show you even more next time.

      • cantkillcastro

        Indeed, nothing better than nailing a cleavage distraction shot then saying "Maybe a little nipple next time" with a wink 😉

  • DaveinPortland

    Been a chiver for a couple months. I'm a musician. I don't know shit about blogging or the internet but I can tell you that the Afternoon Randomness reads almost musically. It has a beat, a banter, even a story line (most of the time); you'll never see too many hot chicks lumped together, or too many 'Chive, ….' The pictures even build to a crescendo. Point is, whoever puts together this post is an absolute pro of the highest order imho.

    • grrrr

      did you just kiss john's ass?

      • INNUID

        i'd call it an insightful compliment

    • kudos

      Agreed. I was at a restaurant last week when I heard the table next to me talking about the afternoon randomness. you know you're doing something right…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=617461769 Kjell King

      That was a lot of words

    • Kristian

      The pictures are random. You wouldn't expect chunks of the same category.

    • doober

      apparently the Chive writer's mom goes by Daveinportland now

  • codyne

    #43 MOAR

    • Guest

      Yes, more fingers in the triggers of guns where they don't belong.

  • Joel


    • Irock

      ……ttooooooo meeeeeee!

  • january sucks

    thumb my down if you want but I think #30 is the sexiest chick in the lot.

    • A BiPolar Guy

      she has the big plus of being an "ordinary girl" and she's apparently posing to distract they guy playing opposite – which to me means she's comfortable with her body and with me looking at it!

  • marcel

    Some days, John takes the internet out behind the woodshed.

  • TCB12

    F-U Chive, F-U!


    • ytb

      I literally screamed out loud after reaching the final photo

      • Mykl

        Me too!

    • Morgan Freeman


    • Jesse

      From the looks of the photo, they were taken in Taiwan. Lived there for three years. Taiwanese are strange like that.

      • http://twitter.com/Mrsilkunderwear @Mrsilkunderwear

        Because they have white walls and asian people?

        • cantkillcastro

          No, because guys come out of the closet on Chive…

          • http://www.facebook.com/pcribaudo Pete Ribaudo

            if you look at his skin color i dont see how that his legs at all i call bullshit

        • Jesse

          Because of the walls, floors, and other part of the room. All were typical of the style of Taiwanese houses. The scooter in the background also led me to that conclusion.

  • WhiteGuyAtWork

    #11 team badonkadonk

    • russ

      hi. this is blatantly photoshopped. you fail at life.

      • cantkillcastro

        I would suggest grotesquely photoshopped, those don't even look like asses anymore.

    • What?

      LOL @ team badonkadonk!
      LMFAO @ a white guy using badonkadonk!!

  • Superlame

    thumbs for MOAR of #42

    • Reymont

      Isn't that Jessica Biel in Home Of the Brave?

      Not that I would object to a Jessica Biel gallery…

      • SCF

        Either way her hair's out of regs.

      • wiseguy

        Jessica yes, Biel no…
        That's Jessica Simpson on Major Movie Star

  • jegan

    sick post.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JustinVincentHall Justin Hall

    #35 – Uh, fucking amazing?

    #41 – Uh, fucking amazing?

    #8 – Uh, fucking — fuck.

  • Ken

    #1: A little levity provided by the Helium family….

    • http://twitter.com/txt2verse @txt2verse


      • top dog

        "Three assholes leaping,
        and a partridge in a pear treeee"

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