Happy Hump Day! (20 Photos)

If you have a great ass or are dating/married to someone who does, please email all pics to thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com or use our handy photo upload page HERE. Just remember to crop the faces off if you want to conceal your identity or if you are just plain ugly.

  • Joe

    #2, #4, #6…Holy Shit!!!!

  • mase

    #10 #15 keyra agustina

  • Htownpunk

    Speaking of humping……

  • llama beans


    Tonight I will be fantasizing about these butts when I'm banging your mom from behind

  • llama beans


    Tonight I will be fantasizing about these butts when I'm banging your mom from behind

  • Tomas

    I never tire of looking at #16 & #17

  • joeybeadz

    #6 —————->

  • Ken

    Damn!!! I'd love to redden those up some!

  • rawnoyz

    theyre all perfect!

  • TheDonger

    #2 – good lord! I love you Jamie

  • rawnoyz

    how can you tell if these asses are butt implants? i cant.

  • Anonymous

    nice pics we need more of these humpday posts some pics were just ok chive do work

  • jay22

    #15 hairy ass arms. that a dude?

  • Chiver 28

    Dear Chive, I love Hump Day, but please less bubble butts.

  • Gabe

    #9 – favorite
    #14 – AMEN

  • cmanpaok

    only one word.wow!

  • Jay

    I guess I'm the only one crazy over #18 I'm sure she's shopped, but anyone have any idea who this girl is? I assume a pornstar at a convention, but haven't narrowed it down. Thought it was Alexis Texas, but I can't find the pic anywhere else.

  • ne14fuun

    #20. I have seen a picture of the front before. Anybody know who she is or where moar pictures of the Fedex shoot are located?

  • DuDE

    #10 and #15 is Keyra Agustina

  • Don_Aguelo

    Did you notice #4 got no shadow… I dunno what's scarier having no shadow or all the 'roids she had to take to get those awful thighs.

    No soup for you! #4

  • hissy242000

    i like #4 and #9

  • Sugreev2001

    Thank you for giving me such a huge bulge in my pants today afternoon.I'll have to put a cushion on top of it.

  • EmBo

    #15 awesome…but guy? very hairy arms!

  • lake man

    they all need anal and anal creampies

  • Ben

    #10 is my fucking ex girl friend her name is Kristy Fisher she tried to kill me one day when I got home from work! I moved to Michigan and she moved in with family near Williamsport PA. I haven't heard or seen from her since but I then again I have a much better looking girl friend now.

    • Jay

      That's Keyra Augustina. Shame you have to fantasize about having an ex-gf when you're probably still fantasizing about HAVING a gf.

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