• soccersgay


    • Heineken Sucks

      Am I the only one that noticed she put a bud on the bud light side.

    • Postbote

      you call this beer ? Americans are the Special Olympics of beer

      • gtfo

        You drink what you want, and we'll drink what we want.

  • Davey117


  • chiver132

    i have no idea how that works…but i want one-perfect amount of head every time

    • harrybalsagna

      There's a hole in the bottom of the cup with a magnetic ring around its edge. And the what amounts to like a magnetic poker chip on top of it.

      • George

        Wow! Fuckin' magnets, that's how they work.

  • dandandandand

    You don't even need a real bartender to pour your shitty piss flavored mass produced beer, just any senior citizen with hands! Thanks science!

  • Virulent87

    Paradise 4 Homer Simpson ❤

    • katie

      paradise for me!

  • BigDingo

    Sweet Jesus on a raptor… I just came

  • Bams

    This has NOTHING to do with beer…. where's the foam, where is the golden colour, where is the taste? nice idea, try again with soda but don't ruin beer… hopefully this evil machine never crosses the ocean.

    • Da Sandman

      dude wtf r u talking about…? do you not see the foam? do you not see the golden colour? and how would you know about the taste?

      • Frank

        Hahaha agree Bams, americans don't know much about beer. check this guy… " do you not see the foam? etc… LOL Sandman, my fucking urine has more foam, golden color and taste than the nasty piss water you call beer

        • Nolok

          "my fucking urine has more foam, golden color and taste"

          You aren't drinking enough water.

          • Chris

            and he's drinking his piss

            • Doug Friese

              im going to have to side with the europe guy on this, beer here is pretty similar in color, etc.

    • pfunk

      hey bams, how did you taste it?

    • yep

      Budwieser, the king of piss.

      They use rice for christs sake.

      Oh its now owned by that belgium company.

      American light beers are not meant to be slowly enjoyed for their flavor anyway, they are meant to be chugged quickly for intoxication.

      Understandin g of culture fail, imo.

    • Don_Aguelo

      The issue here is that we are not talking about tasty bistro beer, this thing is for massive cheap beer consumption. Here, the greatest qualities are: speed of response, coldness and no foam at all.

    • jay22

      Lol. It's funny bc people from different cultures like different beers. Those morons who live where I dont, dont know shit about beer. And those people who live near me and like the same stuff, those are the true connoisseurs.

    • Morgan Freeman

      You snob, go smell your own fart somewhere else.

    • Rey

      you suck

  • Ron Burgandy

    Its science.

  • justin

    i did some research on it. there is a magnet at the bottom of the cup that pushes up a little to fill it up. its a special cup. pretty damn smart

    • Brand_n

      FUCKING MAGNETS, how do they work?

      • A BiPolar Guy

        I really can't recommend f-ing them. but as to how they work, it's magic….

        or invisible energy fields created by differential charge values of the atoms in the magnet vs the other object. Which causes attraction or repulsion by fairies.

  • antrid

    I'll drink to that.

  • jojo

    i need to see this with my own eyes and belly

  • AJR

    Your mind. Has it exploded yet?

  • Anonymous

    alright, how the hell do they do that. If there is anything thechive needs to find out,it is this

  • Frank

    Another proof that americans are lazy and don't know shit about beer.

    • trollin

      you are a dumb fucktard who probably fucks his sister……

      • Its-a me, Mario

        That's impossible, he's not American.

    • PopsiclePete

      tell me sir, what kind of beer do they serve at your sporting events? I'm willing to bet it's not the highest quality brew…

      • nemo100

        viking games offer miller light/ coors (they got the nfl contract this year)
        but also offer many others like guness blue moon and lots more "imports" i can't think of off hand..
        only like $10 a glass lol.

    • Joseph

      and another proof that non americans who write stupid shit and can't even speak right- shouldn't comment. especially about americans, idiot

      • Jon

        I know plenty about beer, I work in a brewery, and agree but Anheuser-Busch is a Belgian owned company duche

    • Matt

      Apparently you don't know shit about beer. A quick glance at any top beer list shows more than enough American beers to disprove your insult.

  • shmeckylembeck

    My question is: would this make for a better beer for some reason? Like, wouldn't it still taste the same?

    • Frank

      Well, is pretty simple… Americans like to show off, they don't have the best beer but now they have something no one else does, Thank GOD!!


        Im not sure if you noticed how much faster that thing pours, and that was in a stadium where the line was probably 30 people long. suck one you faghat.

    • Nerf herder

      Not better beer, just better efficiency. I've been in this industry for years and have installed countless beer tap systems. Essentially this system fills cups (cant really say it "pours") very very quickly with zero waste. If you've ever gotten beer from a tap and noticed the bartender dumping out the "head" to get you an adequate amount of liquid beer, then you know why this system was invented. The time and beer wasted adds up quickly. The good news is, unless Budweiser owns the license, it will work for ANY beer. Faster lines at the next beer garden!

      • pfunk

        budweiser definately owns the license

        • WRONG

          No they Don't. Grinon Industries owns the License. Nice Try though…

  • moooar.

    hmm… beer.

  • PJ Crittenden

    That's no way to pour a beer. It's a gimmick. It's lazy. It's stupid. A proper pint of cask ale will beat that crap for flavour and drinking pleasure every time.

    • yamoms

      if you were standing in a huge line at a football game you would not be saying this. take the stick out of your ostentatious vagina

  • Some Bloke

    Of course, you need to buy special cups from the manufacturer, and they can jack the price up at will.

    Drinking sorry piss water from a plastic cup like a teenager? No thanks!

    Real beer is a dark brown colour, and tastes best from an actual glass!

    mmmm, beer……

    Still, good on them – that's how our technology works – you invent a zillion things, and the market picks the best ones to survive.

    • old

      Most venues (sports, concerts, etc) in the States don't allow bottles as drunk people tend to use them as weapons. Plastic cups are the norm. Agreed, it is most likely nasty ass budweiser or something. But there are *many* good beers in the states. Just because the mass produced swill gets all the pub doesn't mean that is all that is produced there. Think of it like every time British car are mentioned or shown they bring up the Morris Marina instead of a proper Aston Martin…

    • Drew

      CORRECTION: beer is fermented wort. two kinds. lager and ale. you are referring to ale. lager is just as much a beer as ale. bud, miller and coors are all decent beers, and have their character and flavors only its mass produced. the light version are watered down versions of the quality beer. your welcome.

      • nemo1080

        agreed. mass produced isn't always a bad thing, and good beer comes in many colors from light golden to black. just depends what ya like.

  • BigHeadEd

    And here I was thinking that wine drinkers were the only opinionated snobs in the drinking world.

    • Gecko

      You nailed it, BigHeadED
      As much as I hate Budweiser,
      i gotta give them kudos for perfecting such an efficient upside down tap. Whatever brand of beer is flowing in the vid doesn't matter. It's the technology we're praising.

  • McMutt

    I give it a thumbs up, its for getting a lot of beer out fast. Check out

  • yup

    Every guys wet dream to fall asleep on that thing…

  • houghi

    So the beer is poured slower then normally in more expensive plastic cups. It is already possible to place standard (plastic) glasses under a tab and let that pour a perfect pint after pressing a button. That means you can do two at the same time, as that is where the speed comes from AND still use standard cheap cups or even glass.

    The cups will be way to expensive and will cut into your profit. Adding an extra person will make the speed identical and will cost much less if high volume is what you are after.

    And with a normal tap, you open it and pour it one glass after the other till the keg is empty. Connected to a beer truck that will take a LONG time.

    • pfunk

      Poured slower??? Are you effing blind? Way faster than a normal tap with ZERO waste. get a clue you fool.

    • Benjamin Dennison

      how the hell is that slower? Without watching the video again i think was 12 beers in a min. Show me a bartender that can do that with a perfect pour for hours on end.

      • George

        Hell, show me a bartender that can pour 4 beers at once! No seriously, show me that and I'll buy a house within 3 blocks of that place.

  • Mike Engler

    i will do everything in my power to get one of these!

  • kualjo

    Me. Want.

  • Shane

    They have these at the Rebel game in Las Vegas…for a while now. Coolest part is the magnet you get to keep afterwards….my refridgerator is full of them now!!!
    Go REBELS!

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