• Not First

    That's pretty cool, not so much for high end beer, but great for a cheap stadium buzz.

  • Don_Aguelo

    Why is this on the "funny" section?
    This is fucking serious shit guys!
    Freakin' miracle!

  • Ross Stamm

    around the 1min mark did she say that they are free?

  • MiddleLane

    Now stadium beers cost 12 bucks a pop…….

  • mmmbeer

    Nice that she's putting her fingers on the lip of the cup. Can only add flavor to Butt and Butt Wipe.

  • Brandon N

    We're American's, we drink to get drunk. We're not some pretentious assholes who think they can tell the difference between Bud Light and Miller Light, especially after they've had one or two.

    I welcome this, as well as liquor stations I can put vodka directly into my bloodstream.

    • JACK


  • spaceboi

    SHES!! not workin hard enough.

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  • Luke

    When in Rome.

  • Anonymous

    Might be something to do with the one-way valves in the bottom of the cup.
    No magnets are involved, except maybe in the fill solenoids.

  • YoureAllGeniuses

    All you European fags dont get the point of the machine. Youre all sitting here commenting on the beer which isnt the actual point of the video. Youre all at your computers drinking your completely irrelevant no-name brew, trash talking the type of beer that is being poured when CLEARLY the point of the video is to unveil to the world this creation that God has obviously hidden from us for so long because he uses it himself to refill his beer. Do i smell a Nobel Prize to the creator?

  • jester7288

    yea i just watched this and noticed every cup has a red object af the bottom. interesting. I still agree with the other folk about the quality. seems it would take something away from it. better in the can or bottle i say.

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