More animals I don’t hate (27 Photos)

  • Elliott Gonzalez

    First…i honestly dont give a shit

    • urno

      secondly, die in a fire

      • Martin

        i am going to jerk you off until you die of dehydration.

        • Martins Mom

          Yeah if that doesnt work I'm going to blow you to death!!!

  • chiver132

    #24 the jay leno fish oh and the guy above me is a douche!

  • Blip

    #25 That's a damn puma!

    • mith

      I think someone is about to become a snack.

    • Conor

      I believe, sorry to be a boner killer, but its stuffed.

      • Malachi Constant

        thanks Conor, I was wondering who the f would have a puma in their house?

  • ^loser

    get a life

  • Clumsy Dwarf

    You can tell those birds aren't really smoking those, cause they aren't menthol's.


    • hammer

      oh my fucking god!!! LOL

    • nail

      Not gonna lie….I'm black and that was pretty funny, lol..

  • BigDingo

    These animal posts are second only to the Chivette/lower back posts IMO

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    #5, it's pretty bad when your own mother is giving you a golden shower. Of course those are bad no matter who you get them from. Unless you're into that sort of thing anyway. You know who you are.

  • googboog

    #27 i'm not going to say it….

    • noname

      yellow ducks cant jump?

    • cletus

      somebody needs to say it.

  • Dan

    #3 cracks me up.

    • Ken

      That's me looking at the "There are sexy Chivers among us" posts!

  • Morgan Freeman

    Chive, please remove the "first" douche bags.

    • orly

      But it's so fun to point and laugh at them 😛

    • qwerty

      you are morgan freeman. you can do it yourself.

    • Jekyll

      Morgan Freeman, simply narrate them being removed with your silky smooth voice, and the universe shall make it so.

  • Trent

    #13 wtf is that, it's damned scary as hell!

    • Ken

      Looks like someone tempting a sea lion with a fish. I hope the person holding the fish still has a hand

  • Hrimfaxi

    #21 "Come and give mommy a kissy, c'mon baby!"

  • My Dogs Balls

    #18 ..i'ma build that bitch a snowman…bitches love snowmen !

    • Benjamin Dennison

      #1 I'ma give this bitch a ride….bitches love rides

    • macadies

      that is soooo mean they are me fav animal…… i think they are beautiful

    • macadies

      is soooo cute

  • Sheng


  • Poopslikelittlebunny

    #13 That's kinda' creepy

  • Sanman

    #26 "Pleaseee turn that Bieber s*** off"

  • Some Bloke

    #24 – I is David Bowie cat.

    • GTO

      thats a fish

  • Some Bloke

    #23 you know what I meant… 🙂 Self-fail.

  • GTO

    #25 Master Blaster! 20 kitteh enter, this kitteh leave!

    • Its-a me, Mario

      Tell me, typing "eh" instead of just "y", was it worth it?

      • GTO

        totally worth it. I hooked a hater troll

  • Mykl

    #11 when you know you are feeding your dog crappy dog food.
    #9 this is something my daughter would/does do

  • tsukushi_

    #22 Boo! ^___^

  • Nerf herder


  • Annonymous

    #19 Like a BOSS!!!!

  • MoWeeD

    #27 the golden duck of the family

  • annonymoose

    that cat is cool #23

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