Movies Franchises after they’re brutally washed up (21 Photos)

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  • soccersgay

    Thumbs for the 300 sequel==========>

    • Kyle Retrato

      Epic fail.

  • hater


  • E-Money

    #2 Suck it Twi-tards

  • Necangelus

    #5 i don't want to sound nerdy, but Wolverine doesn't age as fast as the others…

    • Cristian Campeanu

      The nerd in me is also not pleased by #5

      • Robert Logan

        Man I was about to say that myself haha.

    • Sugar

      Thank you! I was so mad about that one. All the other X-men would be long dead for Wolverine to have gray hair!!! And he would never be fat. Who ever made that one does not know the story very well!!

    • Kaelen

      yes, wolverine doesnt age period. dudes timeless badass

  • BigDingo

    I give it two mehs up

  • Paz

    This isn't that great of a gallery… I'm sorry….

  • anaughtybear

    I would pay to see Die Hard 22 in the theater. Admit it, so would you.

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  • chrisdg74

    #21 – The only one worth seeing.

    • Poopslikelittlebunny


  • coco


  • Theyoldbitches

    And how exactly is the Sex and the City one different?

  • The Dood

    #8 is supposed to be "The Assisted Living Dracula". Hasn't anyone ever seen Aqua Teen Hunger Force?

  • meh


  • Irock

    Whiny bunch of f'ers. Lighten up.

  • mattythegooch

    If I was 10 yrs old and these were in MAD Magazine, I'd be stoked………too bad neither are true.

  • top dog

    Not so funny, not so funny at all.

  • Aaron

    Probably the worst gallery I've seen this year. Really terrible.

  • Diana Santos

    #6 loool my favourite :p

  • Tannis

    The Joker one is just BAD taste

  • Brah

    Honestly? I would definitely see #8

  • Locode

    pretty good stuff. However, Sarah Jessica Parker will never be any kind of "I'd luck to fork". Unless you're a male horse.

  • John

    Wow, as shit articles go this one is only missing the dingle berries. The first one was clever at least, the rest were just shit.

  • Why Not?

    Could've sworn Bella got turned into a vampire, maybe I read it wrong.

    • DPM92

      fuck you twi-freak

  • Zamot18

    #17 AWESOME!!!

  • soccersgay

    ah fuck all you guys, at least i didn't say first

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