Part 2 of sexy girls on theBRIGADE (24 HQ Photos)

theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures of military women
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  • redbent

    some of these are great, I know of some military members like #18, you could not hide the hotness, under a gortex. tanx M5ty

  • trollradius

    I think it's funny how in #3 she has a smug look like "take a look at my awesome grouping," except anyone with weapons experience would realize…
    A. She's holding a 9mm AR Colt Variant
    B. The holes in the target obviously came from a .223/5.56×45 round

    • Royce

      are you sure that isn't a .22 caliber conversion kit? but yeah, either way, that is a horrible grouping with that small of a caliber.

    • nemesis

      Yes. That's funny (or not, y'know, whatever). What's funny is that you're looking at the "grouping".

    • Jay

      "take a look at my awesome grouping" (!) I am looking at something awesome, but it ain't her grouping!

  • mullie

    #10 sure is a 'sex-bomb' 🙂

    • John

      Now this is a very beautiful soldier…Wow!

  • CalculatedRisk

    I'd be prepared to bet good money that the two in #13 would be up for a threesome. It's in the eyes and the comfortable-with-each-other body language…

    • anthonyg

      actual israeli soldiers

  • GTO

    #12 beautiful weapon

    • LT B

      Agreed. At the risk of sounding gay, I noticed the weapon before the girl in this pic.

    • DeltaSly

      Don't you mean Beautiful "weapon" as in… well you get it

  • JHL1

    She got me! #21

  • Beasty

    #13 Do ask, Please tell !!!

  • PWNT

    Ok… repeats AND non brigadiers??? So hot and yet so disappointed.

  • thatsright

    #11 they may not be big but you gotta love underboob

  • Your Mom's Dog

    Paces kick ass.

  • terry burke

    #20 god bless the navy

  • Frank

    #13 – Girl on the right is beautiful!

  • Anthony

    #22 – umm guy in the back just messes the whole picture up

    • niggnogg

      OMG! a picture of real people in real life!

    • Viking

      FYI thats the swedes in afganistan 😉 blond chick with beautiful weapon = swede 😛

  • Timmy

    OMG #13 the girl on the right im in love with now, she is just gorgeous. YUM!

  • Adam

    #1 and #23

  • mclendonmeister

    Love #9 & #10

  • DeltaSly

    OK!!!! #21 is the best on here, and if there was ever a zombie apocalypse she is the one that I would want by my side(with the obvious exception of Chuck Norris, or a redneck with a bunch of guns!)

  • Ben

    So many ways to die with a smile on my face 🙂

  • tugbote

    #4 Raquel Welch?

  • C Allen

    Is is just me or does 19 look like the chic from Sons of Guns show?

  • Guest

    Hooray for fingers being on triggers. Just good show, gals, bravo.

  • Nate

    #23 and #18 Would love to see more!

  • LSU LabRat

    #8 looks like the real deal lucille. One shot One Kill, Hu rah …………

  • SheriffPablo

    #5 deagle and a bandolier of shotgun shells? WTF?

  • nour

    ما هذا الجمال الرائع

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