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50 Cent is still a dedicated hustler (3 Photos)

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50's Connecticut home was buried by the blizzard that slammed the East Coast this week. The rapper decided to make the most of the situation by charging $100 to shovel his neighbors' driveways and sidewalks.
50 was so serious about his new business that he took to his Twitter page announcing, "I want a hundred dollars per house. I bet anybody I'll make a grand moving snow today." So many neighbors wanted 50's services, he took to outsourcing the job to neighborhood kids... for a cut of the action of course.

  • Dan

    That's awesome. I hope all those kids helping are getting $100.

  • Meredith Long

    I just wan to emphasize that he lives in Conneticut.

  • Da Sandman

    what an ass… can't believe trash like this guy can make millions it your country.. it boggles the mind

  • Why Not?


  • 4545

    i'ii give you tree fitty to plow my driveway.

  • neverhome

    fidy couldn'f afford gloves?

  • mclendonmeister

    He saw an opportunity and made a "job", unlike all the whining pussies who want to receive unemployment for 3 years and wait on Obama or someone else to make a "job" for them.

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