• hey

    lol gata love new york

  • Mike McCormick

    the guy who filmed this is an idiot. They have to plow the entire city, why would they abandon their plow truck and leave the street covered with snow to save some jerk off new yorker's explorer? you want to make an omlete you have to break some eggs. and what kind of moron owns a car in new york city anyway?

    • nurseshark

      oh yeh yeh i see where you're coming from. it's the owner's fault for having a car in the first place and of course when you drive down roads you shouldn't have to pay attention. i'm a nurse and when i drive down the road i crash into everyone because if i don't get to work people die, so it's the car owners' fault for being in my way! if you wanna make an omelette (save lives) you gotta break some eggs (demolish cars). you fail at life. i don't and have never crashed into anybody, but if i saw you i might consider it you a**hole

      • mclendonmeister

        Awesome reply.

      • Matt

        lol i love the reply. Just so everyone knows the woman that owns the car (you can hear her in the background screaming at these idiot drivers) will get compensated by the city, but damn thats some serious inconvenience , having to get it fixed and everything.

        Seriously though why didn't the ploy have chains on the tires? Everyone knew the snowstorm was coming. Why wasn't NY ready.

    • M.B

      You Sir, are an asshole!

    • Frankie Muniz

      dildo. I hope your care gets smashed

    • eyball

      You are a complete asshole. Break some eggs? How about somebody breaks your head?

    • Steve Shaw

      You're a fucking retard. Maybe you were the guy driving the skid steer.

    • Shitfaced

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't think people like you Mike.

    • hkgfgfdgfd

      obvious troll is obvious

    • Marissa

      Well there is more to New York then just Manhattan (which I am amusing is what you mean to 'new york city') . You still got 4 other boroughs in NYC that are perfectly fine for driving in!

    • BigDingo

      Mike you don't happen to drive a tow truck in New York and wear and all-day-helmet do you?

  • PJ Fry

    No one is disputing that they have to plow the roads Mike. Nothing personal, bro, but its that these jackholes got their plow stuck and then destroyed a new exploerer getting it out. We're not talkin about eggs, its a guys car, destroying cars to plow a road so cars can drive on it is the dumbest thing ever. Why not sell your hair to buy hair brushes next. However as to owning a new car in New York city, I happen to agree with you. Furthermore, the non-explorer destroying solution was clearly stated in the video. Just lift up the plow where it got stuck in the first place and put chains on it there.

    On to addressing the question at hand as to what I would do, if I came out to find my new car had been run over by a douche bag in a snow plow. I'd do exactly what the people on the video did. Yell and piss and moan, and in the end, file a claim with my insurance company.

  • Graham

    Hey, rather than shouting abuse out of the window, why don't you put some clothes on and get your lazy ass down to the street to help out !

    • Charlie Cheen

      Yeah, why didn't the guy strap on his boots and get out there and push the 30,000+lb. loader? Maybe he should have jumped in his Explorer and gave him a pull?

    • nate

      True that!

  • Florent

    Ok he took a video but he would have been more helpful telling these guys to STOP this right now. Nobody believes these guys didn't understand what they were doing. The idiot destroying the Explorer doesn't care at all as he won't pay for the repairs! The city will so he doesn't care at all! If we follow his stupid args: why not destroying the whole cars in this street after all? Better: why taking out the snow in that street because these damn stupid cars would be destroyed while doing so? Tsss. Such fucking stupid assholed are taking my brain out of my head.

  • mdc5150

    I would move the hell out of New York.

  • Keith

    The vehicle is owned by the city anyways.

  • Corey


  • Crystal

    I'm not gonna lie, I'd cry like a bitch

    • thomas

      I would make the plow-driver cry like a bitch.

  • boston

    It’s just a truck; the guy is acting like a puppy got run over. And who the hell need a Ford Explorer in NY?
    The owner probably thought, "HAHAHA I have 4 wheel drive, this snow will be no problem for ME"
    Boy the people of NY are complete pussies. If this snow storm had happened 100 years ago the people of NY would have dug themselves out.

    Now, OH please someone come and help up. We can’t deal with this snow, Then they have the balls to complain about how they do it

    And where is "Al Gore"?

    • Mike

      100 years ago noone owned cars moron.

      • amrith777

        Well–One-hundred years ago people DID own cars–but not many people.

    • Al Gore

      He's right here, remembering how I said "Global warming means more extreme weather patterns: hotter summers, more powerful hurricanes, more severe droughts, AND worse snow storms." But I can understand that you would only be able to remember one item out of a list of four. Idiot.

      • Zombie

        Hey Al:
        Fuck off, and next time don't fake facts and exaggerate details.

    • boston

      they still had to move things in and out of the city moron

      Plus Montreal and Quebec get way more snow then NYC every year. Did you ever here of them having a problem?
      And it’s being reported on Drudge that the clean up was a “Union Protest”

      NYC residents deserves the shitty hellhole NYC is.

    • mclendonmeister

      Still doesn't make it ok to crush someone's fucking car. You probably work for the government. Am I right?

  • Zadkiel

    I love how the guy filming is livid, the people standing on the street are livid, yet no one comes over and tries to actually stop them. Yep, be pissed all you want, you guys did nothing to help.

    • (>^_^)>

      Hey, it's COLD out there!

    • amrith777

      It's New York–what do you EXPECT?

    • mclendonmeister

      What is there to do? Crack his fucking head with a tire iron?

    • divegirl

      These people obviously don't know much about towing and being towed. It would have been dangerous to run down there to try to help. Tow ropes and chains can snap, and as you can see the loader was sliding sideways and could have easily crushed someone in the way (the tow truck could have slid as well). The loader could have come unstuck in a split second, and a person could have been run over by either one when they suddenly popped loose. The drivers of both vehicles were probably so wrapped up in what they were doing that they wouldn't have been looking for a person approaching. No, I think they did the right thing, and the video can (hopefully) be used for insurance purposes. If the vehicle does belong to the city, then I think this employee is at high risk of finding himself without a job if this video gets out.

  • Anonymous

    oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open slay…

  • Canadiener

    Move to Canada, this shit goes on every other week, except our cities clear the snow, oh yeah plus the whole health care thing.

    • Quebecer

      … and they actuallyu tow the car before doing something like this.

    • kent

      You mean, the whole thing about you having healthcare that is of such low quality that it would actually be illegal for hospitals in the US to provide that low standard of care?

      Where Canadians are less likely to survive from literally every single treatable disease? Where you have zero control of your healthcare, where your government decides who gets what treatment, when, where, why, and from whom. And where you wait in line for care that your government thinks you're worth, while those very same people you've elected to control your healthcare tend to jump ship and come to the US whenever they get sick?

      Oh, and you clear you cities of snow? That must be why this is happening in Canada too right now, you just don't report it because you're idiots who NEED to point your finger at the US to help you cope with your massive inferiority complex.

    • kent

      700,000 Canadians apply for US citizenship every year.

      10,000 Americans apply for Canadian citizenship.

      Why would anyone want to move to Canada? That would be like trading your chateau for a shack. Canada is just an inferior, watered-down, imitation of the US where you idiots need to believe lies to actually feel like you're better even though you're just a weak, pathetic country that borders a superpower.

      Every single thing you Canadians ever say is excruciatingly stupid and demonstrates how retarded you have to be, as a prerequisite, to actually have pride in being Canadian.

      • Bryan
        • kent

          Thank you for demonstrating that you're a gullible idiot who thinks interviews from a cleverly-edited video from a comedy show in Australia is an accurate measurement of a country's intelligence.

          The same kind of video could be made of Canadians, British people, Germans, French etc… but you know what? It wouldn't be as popular based solely on the fact that there are hordes of idiots like you that WANT to believe Americans are stupid, without realizing that people, like you, who claim Americans are stupid tend to be less intelligent than the average American.

  • pcNY

    The explorer was not the person's personal property. It belongs to the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development. Obviously it would have made more sense to try to free the front end loader without destroying the vehicle – but the tow truck driver was probably blocked from getting to the other side of the loader by cars that were stuck in the snow on the other end of the block.

  • Steve

    Here in Ohio, public employees who hit your car in official city vehicles cannot be held responsible for damages. My co-worker's car got hit by a fire truck in our parking lot, and she was completely out of luck, she had to file through her own insurance.

    • isawoj

      The second car they hit was the personal car of the guy who drives the City's Expedition.

  • son of muzzy

    retards.. the driver is a full on retard.

    • Steve Shaw

      Never go full retard, son.

  • Snowcone

    We have winter parking restrictions here to help with snow removal. All New York has to do is ban snow. The SUV wasn't destroyed…I've seen destroyed. This falls under S$%# happens.

    • mclendonmeister

      I doubt you'd shrug your shoulders and say s$%# happens if you were sitting there watching a retard slam willfully and repeatedly into your car. Think about it for a minute.

  • Sarah

    Ok – collateral damage is one thing (they gotta clean the streets)..
    But watching that you kinda got to wonder whether the digger driver even knew how to drive it – let alone in snowy conditions.
    At least the owner has the above video to file a claim … utterly astonishing.. (the fact they keep plowing into it, and then hit the car with the scoop – lmao – how much of a retard is that operator!?)
    Can't say the muppets in the UK would be any better tho..

  • realcanadian

    most likely and what ived heard about new york? is that there is porbably a no parking sign there during certain times like this (snow removal emergencys) needless to say spilt milk, and this IS a daily occurence in canada we just move on .. at least they were trying to remove the snow im not condoning the actions at all but up here if your parked on a snow route your car gets TOWED or BUrried..

  • lucass

    it'll buff out

    • Ari Darmon

      Sir you must be a jeep owner… roll it twice it'll buff out.

  • Mike Engler

    where is my AR-15?

  • jtatman

    HAHAHAHA!!! There isn't anything wrong with that car that the damn city won't pay for. Anyone complaining about this is a moron!!! No one was hurt. I'm from Louisville, I know they make more than one effing explorer.

    I think the driver of the front end loader should have quit that morning like the Jet Blue male flight attendant. Grab his bottle of Jim Beam out of the front seat. Moon the asshole above videoing the whole thing. take the front end loader and turn the explorer over onto the side that he didn't smash all to hell and then drive home in the front end loader!!! That would be one hell of a story!!!

  • Bdrizzle

    Should have just slammed the bucket down on the explorer a few times just to finish it off. lol I wouldn't have been yelling, i'd be laughing while filming even if it were my car. New car and maybe some extra cash in my pocket for my troubles! Booyah! It wasn't a person or a puppy, material things CAN be replaced or fixed.

  • David Roberts

    As a true new yorker first off I dont live in the city but I got stuck driving down there. Second as Mike Engler said "Wheres my AR-1?". Either that or a crow bar. Granted a long as I had that video NYC would be paying for that egg they broke. " YOU BRAKE YOU BUY!!!!"

  • David Roberts

    BREAK**** sorry cant spell

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