• Beth Vogel

    First, the car wasn't demolished. It has some damage on the back corner and moved from its parking spot. SECOND, machinery behaves differently in winter so a mix of A SHIT TON OF SNOW, ice, and cold temps made it incredibly hard to maneuver the plow & tow truck. THIRD, give the drivers a break. They get to come out at all hours of the night while you're snug in bed and dig out the city. It's cold, it's shitty, and no one wants to do it. The only time you hear of the snow plow drivers is the few times that something gets damaged. No one goes out of their way to thank them for being able to go shopping or to work because he spent all night digging you out. FOURTH, you live in a city and there's really nowhere else to park, it's to be expected that some shit is going to happen when you park on a street. Whether it's a side mirror being taken off by someone driving too close in the summer, or having a plow bang into it when trying to remove snow in the winter. Or even being broken in to to steal your stereo. You just need to move on, shit happens.

  • jim

    An experienced bucket driver would have used the bucket to get himself out.

    a.Drop bucket to ground
    b.Push down lifting the front wheels off the ground
    c.Extend bucket forward pushing yourself backwards
    d.Repeat till you’ve gotten unstuck

    I've seen old timers walk buckets into an area without the wheels ever touching the gound

  • jim

    NYC hit by snow storm.

    Women, minorities, and Ford Explorers hardest hit

    Film at 11:00

  • abc

    guy in a nice cozy apartment yelling at people working in the cold morning. then yells at the mayor for not getting the city plowed fast enough. lol…

  • mgreen

    Who cares its an explorer. I would hope its totaled. That would be a great day.

  • dave

    Isn't it two idiotic assholes? tow truck driver and the front end loader operator? I think they should both be fired. It's not a "shit happens" thing, they hit it and kept hitting it and then came really close to damaging another car. Tow truck was lined up wrong from the beginning.

  • BloodScrubber

    The guy shouldn't have been near that machine let alone operate it. The operator should be held liable. Look for that tape in a courtroom soon.

  • mclendonmeister

    If a private citizen got caught doing this kind of shit, he would be thrown in jail immediately. I don't understand why there is a double standard for the government workers. They will probably each get a month paid suspension. Fucking Retards.

  • mclendonmeister

    You guys can tell who the fucking idiots on here are, they are the ones defending the behavior of the fucking retards who smashed the car.

  • Ash

    First of all, that thing isn't even a snow plow, shouldn't even be used for snow removal on streets.

    Second, that street is tight as fuck. People parking along both sides, two cars can't even pass eachother along there.

    Even if that "plow" had chains on, he may still have had to hit something getting out. Once you're in snow grooves, it's hard to get out and go in the direction you want.

    Obviously just a shitty situation all around. If you're stuck you'll generally do whatever it takes to get out. Today I had to push a dumpster out of the way with my work truck because some jackass was parked half in an alley boosting a truck.

  • tag

    I wouldn't say the car is destroyed, but its clear to see the workers were incredibly negligent in their attempt to free their vehicle from the snow. They repeatedly rolled into the civilian car, hit it when they continually turned the vehicle in a futile attempt to find traction, and failed to keep the front end from hitting the car when the body of the vehicle cleared the parking spot. Stupidity. Yeah, typical new yorker commentary, but the main fault and liability here lays with these workers doing a terrible job.

  • ubettasukmahdikk


  • ubettasukmahdikk

    the guy did him a personal favour considering a subaru rally car makes for a better SUV then a ford explorerer

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