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  • OneClownShoe

    Not too sure about the others but I am glad that they exist #17

    • DaddyD

      Looks like jailbait … but I would willingly do my time.

      • The Real D. Nozzle

        "Have sex with a girl once. End up having sex with men countless times over the course of several years in prison". Great plan.

    • @The_Scofield_

      That's Tila Tequila and while hot, she's certifiably retarded. You can listen to her "music" if you wanna see more of her. Turn down your speakers.

      • OneClownShoe

        Now I can see that it is Tila. I don't like her for her "music" or her intellect. Maybe it's the rack.

      • tag

        She's not hot. She looks like transvestite. Plastic AND you know her personality is s_, brings anything that remains down too.

  • moop

    #2 ?

    • Dave

      Lucy Pinder

      • A BiPolar Guy

        he means the guy

        • June Bug


        • moop

          Actually you're right, I did…….

    • JAFitC

      Yes, she has two of them.

  • Dan

    #12 I hope someone beats the shit out of him.

    • Your Mom's Dog

      But then they might get "goth cooties" if they touch him.

    • Morgan Freeman

      Beat the shit out of him just because he looks like that?? Someone should beat the shit out of you.

      • A BiPolar Guy

        amen, we need less hate, more live and let live

        • reason

          unless your a feckless attention seeking whore, that I imagine this tool to be

        • DaddyD

          There's a good chance that his parents already beat the psychological shit out of him, and that's why he is the way he is.

          • mattythegooch

            Life has already taken care of it.

          • Cyn

            I'm willing to bet this fellow is a more well adjusted adult than you are. For starters I'm sure he doesn't wish harm to people who dress differently than he does. The world needs less ignorant fucks like you people.

            • Your mom

              I agree…if you dont like it…change the fucking channel. Stop being a fucking pussy and neaderthal.

  • Your Mom's Dog

    #10 is Jack Black as Robocop from "Be Kind Rewind"

    • fibonacci5150

      the Brotherhood of Stdeeeerpl

    • Ruffestneckaround

      I love sweded films!

  • Gabe

    #2 .. definitely lower back problems potential .. and i couldnt help myself either in the same situation

  • Dave

    #2 Lucy Pinder wow

    • Chaucy

      oh come on now. i love a good pair of tits, but those are just grotesque…..

      • Gregg

        you suck dude.

        go look her up.

        she is awesome.

  • Morgan Freeman

    Music from the movie Signs plays in my head when I see this STD invested girl.

  • Danny Glover


  • jim


    and i would walk 500 miles
    and i would walk 500 M more

    • Gregg


  • silkystealthsurgeon

    number 9 I believe is Hans Rey, a veteran mtb/trials biker sponsored by GT [among other brands]

  • Simon

    #11 is my brother. I have never been so proud.

  • Sanman

    #21 Why is Christopher Reeve's pic shown here?! So that superman can beat the crap outta him?

    • A BiPolar Guy

      that's on a need to know basis

      • Sanman

        Since you know that, you must be the monkey with the sword.

        • ale

          It´s his secret identity…

  • Dave

    #17 is Tila Tequila, the worst little troll out there. Not only a worthless attention whore who snorts Ambien all day long, she used the death of her girlfriend Casey Johnson (heiress to the Johnson and Johnson empire) as a publicity stunt to increase her own popularity. I'm just glad that the clowns at the Gathering of the Juggalos pelted her with enough stuff to make her run off stage. Well done, Juggalos!

    • Rick

      you are absolutely right but …….id still fuck her senseless!

    • Mr F

      Applauding "Juggalos" for anything is way worse then her attention whoring.

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #17 Even if she is a retard I would still tear it up #2 Lucy is more classy and I would love to motorboat her

  • feltninja

    #19 looks like Jared Leto, shame he didn't fall a bit harder

  • Diana Santos

    #12…gay punk..

  • Ma110W

    #21 The guy may be confused, but that is one Bad-Ass sword.

  • Beasty

    #9 Good thing they are wearing those helmets!!

  • nciccheck

    #4 Fievel Mousekevitz?

  • mattythegooch

    #17………Dear Tila, you are a no talent, Cum Dumpster.

    That is all.

    • mith

      I wouldn't fuck her with my best friends dick! What a nasty twat.

      • top dog

        Thats probably because you'd be too busy fuckin her with your own.

      • Claude M.

        of course you wouldn't, that would require having at least one friend

    • top dog

      Then I got a load I'd like to give her.

      • mattythegooch

        Then I've got some penicillin I'd like to give you.

  • ale

    Party Hard! fuck yeah!

  • cheezebits

    #13 – Soda Popinski?

    • Occasional chiver

      Nikolai Valuev
      Given he is an absolute beast, he is a surprisingly bad boxer

  • femtrooper

    #13 Quit punching yourself. Quit punching yourself. Quit punching… you get the idea.

  • Randy

    #12 #22
    that is all

    • Dave

      I agree. Smokin' hot.

  • Speedy

    #17 anyone know when her sextape gets released? 😉

    • jayz

      I wonder how many STD's she has?

    • Ma110W

      She's already got sex tapes. She's been in multiple pornos…

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