This photobomb caused quite a stir. Yeah, they’re twins and we found ’em (26 Photos)

Yesterday, I posted a photo of two scorching girls being jealous-bombed in the Afternoon Randomness. I got a few hilarious 'find them' emails regarding the two anonymous hotties. My favorite came from Chiver Landon O'Rourke:

Dear Chive,
You posted a photobomb (#7) in today's AR. The two girls featured belong in my harem of imaginary bitches. I am prepared to pay for an entire gallery of these future-haremites. I have $3.45 remaining in my Paypal account. The entire balance will be transferred to the Chive upon delivery of the two anonymous photobomb victims.

Thank you,

Landon O'Rourke

Well Landon, you're lucky we have a ton of Columbian Chivers who recognized the girls as the Davalos Twins, Camila and Mariana. They were actually born in Kentucky and moved to Columbia where they are highly regarded for their amazing tushes.
Landon, I'll be looking forward to the transfer. Your contribution has purchased me a Mickey's 40 oz. - Kidding, that stuff is shit on biscuit wheels.

  • heartbreaker

    I'm calling photoshop

  • Benjamin Dennison

    For 2011 can we have one post just as AWESOME as this one. It will make my year as this one just has.

  • Hank Vatican

    Their poor father. He must be bat shit crazy by now.

  • Red

    I guess doing a "Would you?" segment on these two would be rather pointless…

  • RicoSan80

    GOD I LOVE TWINS!!! #14 #19 #21 Allows me to see what the front and the backside have at the same time.

  • Naz1962

    Wow. Simply wow!

  • Mike Engler

    do i need to adjust my spectacles or do i see double of those breastacles!?!

  • charles

    wouldn't it be nice if more American girls looked like this? i know i know the chivettes, blah blah blah but the chivettes and other pretty American girls are an extreme minority in this country. sad but true. but in Peru, Brazil, Columbia and Venezuelan girls like the ones above are pretty much the norm.

  • Viking

    This find is something. Those are two very beautiful and curvy women.

  • Satanas

    nominated to topic of the year! xD

  • jlg


  • Fernando Hurtado

    I submitted the original Afternoon Randomess, I'm glad to see these beautiful girls on The Chive =)

  • theone

    oh what the freakin ef man i must makes these two my ex wives what an ass they make me happy in my pants #15 #17 #21 and #23

  • theone

    guys please give then thier own happy hump day #14 #19

  • J.G

    Excuse me while I take a fap break at work. Wow

  • Daaneskjold

    they are perfect… i will get a new box of kleenex for tonight LOL

  • acehunt


    By Zeuss' Beard!

  • rawnoyz

    gotta be butt implants! but i dont care! there should be a wall post of girls with butt implants vs girls without!

  • Speedy

    #14 #21 #26 – i came at least 3 times during this post…..

  • trollradius

    It's still scary and borderline stalker (actually there's nothing "borderline" about it) that you track down women without their consent, then censor me when I try to tell what happened to my friend's pics being put up without her knowledge or consent… you're all still creepy.

    • top dog

      Welcome to the internet.

      • trollradius

        That's probably the best answer I've gotten. Thumbs up I guess.

  • Ryan

    Dear God,

    Please make less people like me and more people like them.


  • Jean

    nice pics and girls… in brazil girls like these i see everyday. Srry :p

    • Jay

      then why are you on the internet??

      • Crazy sock guy

        Because now he is not in brazil anymore..

    • bud

      i accept your invitation to your beautiful country Jean, and i expect you to provide a truckload of girls with the fore mentioned physical attributes.

    • Robert Logan

      And that's why your still a virgin…

    • Jose

      Dude, I've lived in Brazil for 10 years now. Sure there are a lot of hot girls here, but you are lying about seeing girls like this every day.
      Then again, if you aren't lying, PLEASE tell me where you live.

    • Boss

      I think in brazil they are called ladyboys, right?

    • fsdf

      you just boosted the tourism of your country

  • Lil Jon

    Life and apparently now my shorts… FulFIILED

  • DOC

    Does Columbia have mail order brides and is Bigamy illegal down there ????????????

  • Steve Lee

    GM Chrysler they're hot

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