This photobomb caused quite a stir. Yeah, they’re twins and we found ’em (26 Photos)

Yesterday, I posted a photo of two scorching girls being jealous-bombed in the Afternoon Randomness. I got a few hilarious 'find them' emails regarding the two anonymous hotties. My favorite came from Chiver Landon O'Rourke:

Dear Chive,
You posted a photobomb (#7) in today's AR. The two girls featured belong in my harem of imaginary bitches. I am prepared to pay for an entire gallery of these future-haremites. I have $3.45 remaining in my Paypal account. The entire balance will be transferred to the Chive upon delivery of the two anonymous photobomb victims.

Thank you,

Landon O'Rourke

Well Landon, you're lucky we have a ton of Columbian Chivers who recognized the girls as the Davalos Twins, Camila and Mariana. They were actually born in Kentucky and moved to Columbia where they are highly regarded for their amazing tushes.
Landon, I'll be looking forward to the transfer. Your contribution has purchased me a Mickey's 40 oz. - Kidding, that stuff is shit on biscuit wheels.

  • RGH

    Their parents deserve a high-five and a job well done.

  • 50-50

    #26 goes on every hump day thread from now until the world ends.

  • Rick

    Landon O'Rourke I feel i owe u a debt of gratitude. Many thanks u have brightened my day

  • @elcocov

    Im pretty sure you meant Colombian, from Colombia in South America 😛
    Great asses though

  • Mike


  • MacNCheese

    #14 I see you ladies are ready for your swimming lesson!

  • Lemon1Zest

    Jealous i am. So near to Perfection. Beautifulness have a new scale : The Davalos one.

  • Jack Rock

    i have no words………

  • Don_Aguelo


    …and here was I, thinking that the only good thing in Kentucky was fried chicken…

  • ClariseStarling

    is that also the girl famous for the awesome little bo-peep halloween costume?

  • mase

    holy shitballs

  • victor

    They're perfect!! A estas les metía de todo menos miedo.

  • Michael

    These two need a reality show to kick the Kardashians off of television! I would actually watch it. AHHH.

  • rtmalone10

    What about the hotties in #4 (mini-duckface) and #9 (far right, my god)?

  • roggi wilkov

    phew! hot-daaaaaamn =O

  • hunter

    Colombian girls are so hot!!! damm

  • nick24

    Even her friend is looking at her tits. #22

  • mike

    And they're mirror twins – how cool is that?

  • drea619

    too bad the ass shots are shopped to look bigger, just look at the cheeks, they are not really that plump…sadly

    • Hank Vatican

      You shut your mouth! You shut your mouth when you're talking to us!

  • word


  • Bob

    #19 party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Incubus

    Jesus amado!
    They are as close to perfection as…. Ass…

  • Phil

    Really hot. I wonder if they double team??

    I don't like the massive amounts of photoshopping in the lingerie shots, but the non shopped ones are great!

  • TheDarkKnight

    Lovin' the twins.. now, what I really want, is to get my hands on "the quadruplets"

  • Jay

    #26 Their butts deserve monuments erected in their honor. I'm erecting one right now, in fact.

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