This photobomb caused quite a stir. Yeah, they’re twins and we found ’em (26 Photos)

Yesterday, I posted a photo of two scorching girls being jealous-bombed in the Afternoon Randomness. I got a few hilarious 'find them' emails regarding the two anonymous hotties. My favorite came from Chiver Landon O'Rourke:

Dear Chive,
You posted a photobomb (#7) in today's AR. The two girls featured belong in my harem of imaginary bitches. I am prepared to pay for an entire gallery of these future-haremites. I have $3.45 remaining in my Paypal account. The entire balance will be transferred to the Chive upon delivery of the two anonymous photobomb victims.

Thank you,

Landon O'Rourke

Well Landon, you're lucky we have a ton of Columbian Chivers who recognized the girls as the Davalos Twins, Camila and Mariana. They were actually born in Kentucky and moved to Columbia where they are highly regarded for their amazing tushes.
Landon, I'll be looking forward to the transfer. Your contribution has purchased me a Mickey's 40 oz. - Kidding, that stuff is shit on biscuit wheels.

  • Al Adriel Hinojos

    #26 one for me and one for me

  • somethings

    This gallery is pure gold.

  • Phill

    It is amazing what a girl can do with a tilt of the head, even more amazing in synchro!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #22 that bitch wishes bright oh right hehe…

  • Guest

    They have huge asses—wait until they age.

  • Maynard B

    Geez, that was grueling, I'm completely drained…..

  • SignIsNigh

    These girls are unreal. I have never know joy like this.

  • fatlizard

    Go to You Tube some ppl have placed some of their favorite vids of them modeling in it.

  • aditya

    Although i would give my left nut and my right arm to bang any of em i cant help but think that they have fake boobs and butt. There shit is too symmetrical to be real.

  • Jojoto

    No VENEZUELA the most beatifull womens in the fucking world

    • hmmm

      He means it's spelled Colombia, not Columbia. Not even in english.

  • Jojoto

    They are from Venezuela the davalos sisters

    • Ferite

      They are from Colombia (not Columbia), although they were born in USA

  • easthali

    Shitty photoshop is shitty.

  • Jason

    Why these are nice pictures of the girls, they are nothing compared to the pictures earlier in the year!
    Enjoy, or should I say a Belated Merry Christmas.

  • MrCjv

    Photoshopped guys.

  • AzzMan

    Chive we solute you! if this post was a punch it would splatter my brains all over the wall…. greatest one yet!!

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  • crystAL

    wow !!!!! awesome pics

  • zaggy

    them tushes i lyke!!

  • Ian

    Where can i find that crop top shirt in picture #5? My Wife wants it, she may even submit her own photos wearing it….

  • Moe

    happy new year indeed!

  • greg

    Brings new Meaning To " the Twins! " – awwweeessooommmeee

  • Doc

    Good luck topping that in the next 363 days

  • Anonymous
  • rob

    double trouble #26

  • brent


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