This photobomb caused quite a stir. Yeah, they’re twins and we found ’em (26 Photos)

Yesterday, I posted a photo of two scorching girls being jealous-bombed in the Afternoon Randomness. I got a few hilarious 'find them' emails regarding the two anonymous hotties. My favorite came from Chiver Landon O'Rourke:

Dear Chive,
You posted a photobomb (#7) in today's AR. The two girls featured belong in my harem of imaginary bitches. I am prepared to pay for an entire gallery of these future-haremites. I have $3.45 remaining in my Paypal account. The entire balance will be transferred to the Chive upon delivery of the two anonymous photobomb victims.

Thank you,

Landon O'Rourke

Well Landon, you're lucky we have a ton of Columbian Chivers who recognized the girls as the Davalos Twins, Camila and Mariana. They were actually born in Kentucky and moved to Columbia where they are highly regarded for their amazing tushes.
Landon, I'll be looking forward to the transfer. Your contribution has purchased me a Mickey's 40 oz. - Kidding, that stuff is shit on biscuit wheels.

  • downfall616

    thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • downfall616

    i heard mc chris "booties for breakfast" in my head as i scrolled this gallery……slpoosh!

  • piratestatic

    #28 pretty sure a mind the gap collection of these two would be too hot for Chive and NSFW

  • piratestatic

    correction #26

  • Davalo´s fan

    They have a non-stop ass!!!…I couldn´t stop fucking those asses all week long!!!!…

  • Dogcom

    my nose is bleeding!!

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  • Edaea_Sinid

    #25 If hell is a place that's always hot and about repetition, sign me in!

  • Ulhy

    Good luck with drawing and ehictang, its really hard changing hats all the time. Your herbs are looking lovely I won’t show them to dylan rabbit he will be after me to plant more so he can eat them again!

  • Anonymous


  • Julián

    The name of the country is ColOmbia not Columbia. And yes, they are hot colombian models though they were born in the U.S.

  • nickthebrick

    You're welcome…

  • etrwe

    I think the sad looking girl in the photobomb picture is prettier than these twins.

  • BranDON6619

    Please tell me they do porn?

  • Mikk P.

    These two ladies should be a weekly thread!!!!! The very embodiment of perfection!!! Stunning with and without clothes and/ormakeup.

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