Daily Afternoon Randomness (40 Photos)

  • GTO

    #27 #37 Thank you sirs. Happy New Year!

  • anon

    #27 dear god

    • Dudi

      I am an atheist no longer. Bless the Lord, for this most holy of sights! Bless him, you heathens!

    • wow

      may have to start a religion

    • http://www.facebook.com/Gingergreek Pani Booyah

      MET art I think is where that pic comes from.

      • towns


        Isabella is her name.

        Link thanks to poster further down this thread.

        • yep

          I just realized, I surf too much nude sites, because I recognized her face. She's a real beauty though, not like those substitute girls the sport these days.

    • yup

      And don't feel bad about her, she's at least 24 now, there are nude pictures of her from as early as 2004 from MET Art, that site has never had any underage models.

  • Oregon Duck Fan

    #31 there is no forgiving the duckface! Unless it has the body of #40…….

    • kaveman4130

      if it's inches from the penis , all will be forgiven .

    • http://www.theingenuous.com Kai

      The tig ol bits almost made me miss the moose knuckle ^_^

  • Kawz

    #15 #16 #17 Utah does have some hotties, but only because Mormons, for some reason, make beautiful children.

    #19 Katy Perry, make up, tits, or GTFO.

    • BigDingo

      Could be that Utah has the highest plastic surgery rate in the country (last I heard)

      • G Monie58

        It is true, but over 70% of it is from out of state.

        Utah does have the hottest girls of any state I've ever been too though.

    • SomeUtahGuy

      I grew up in Utah, those photos are the exceptions, not the rule. Fat people live in Utah.

  • Anonymous


  • topher

    We need an ultimate random post and the best of the best sexy chivettes for 2010. Yeah that would be awesome.

  • hey

    #27 MOAR!!!!!!!

    • hil8b

      i second that!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/greguire Gregory Nelson Courtney


        • Mark B

          dudes…this pic should be pulled. geez….shes a kid……

          • Gary Glitter


            • dont ask

              cough:: not that I would know.. but something about her name being "Mary" from 18only… ::cough

            • Mark B

              Wow, you are a real man….get a life dude….

              • yep

                Nothing wrong with surfing porn, as long as your single.

                • T-Ruckus

                  Bullshit. Me and my wife surf for porn all the time.

                  • Randy

                    Your wife surfs porn with me, too.

    • moar


  • JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo


    Sweet baby Jebus……..want!

    • lol

      Major ninja boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MiddleLane


    How easy it is to create a false "mom" profile on your buddies phone and fake an awkward conversation.

    I can change any of my contacts names to "mom" in about 30 seconds.

    I call BS on ALL of these kinds of photos!

    • rdh014

      Congratulations! You've passed the first level…welcome to the next level where we'll teach you about photoshopping! See if you can spot the "shopped" photos in this selection.

      • MiddleLane

        I sense great sarcasm within you……

        The Chive editors call out the shopped photos once they are found out.

        But why continue to post fake text posts, when we all know that is exactly what they are?

        I say they should not even be entered in at all……..

        (This frees up a spot for a hot chick or funny cat photo…)

        • BaconZombie

          Um, there's actually a website online where you can make conversations like this, and them post them to forums and threads. Good job to you all…

    • + blitzk

      of course they're all fake but sum r still funny 🙂

  • Catence

    What the hell is going on in #30?

    • MiddleLane

      What we don't see is "Puff Daddy" just off camera on his yacht in a jacuzzi filled with Cambodian breast milk, screaming "I said 20 European girls in pink bodysuits, and where are the Penguins!"

      "Somebody get me some Cristal…."

    • dmb

      That's what's goes on in Iceland

    • ATouchofInsanity

      an ad for pepto bismol?

      • aosux

        Thank you for the laugh!

  • Dennis

    #38 Canada you fail

    • http://twitter.com/marcos_c_ @marcos_c_

      I agree HUGE FAIL. I am Canadian and I don't know who these girls are! Canada has way better looking girls then these two fugly girls!

      • DaddyD

        I've had sex with better looking Canadians than these, and I'm pretty sure I'm not getting top shelf talent.

        • canuckchuck

          who has sex with canadians?

          • Ghetto Black

            i hear ya son. i dig me some white wimmin, but most canadians is like the white meat of the chicken rolled in flour and left to marinate in bleach…….

            • Rob

              Yeah but at least we don't get planes into our building., don't go into recession because of capitalism *banks our nationalized so we never lose our money OMG, have free health care (just like your firefighters, police, post office, and military WOW it works!. Don't have sweden hackers destroying our country like you ahem wikileaks. And don't go into war for non logical greed drive motives. Oh and everyone loves Canada you may be powerful but your also the MOST hated country on the globe and if you think no one will gang up on you, look at the middle east rest of the world will follow soon

              • Lau

                WAIT! You forgot to add that our Government is made of some of the DUMBEST human beings on the planet and the country has been taken over by illegal immigrants. BUT what can you expect, our forefathers screwed us from the beginning and our country is more focused on "helping" others instead of helping ourselves. America is a great country for many reasons and horrible one just the same. We need to butt the f out and stop playing the role of WORLD police. BUT other countries need to stop crying to us when they need help. You can't hate us then beg for our help when things turn sour. Then again we are dumb enough to run to everyones aid when no one would come to ours.

                • HHNF_Beau

                  Politics. lol

                  Yeah as an American, I'm pretty sure we've gotten ourselves in too deep of shit. Too many people were too smart for their own good when it came to figuring out how to get more money out of every last little thing. Between pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and oil companies; they are really the people who control America with their dollars in exchange for laws being passed/blocked by the house and senate.

                  With greed being the focus of everyone at the top, of course they're going to go to war to establish more ways to earn money and control a larger share of those markets.

                  Somehow, something tells me this whole "cancer/aids/disease research" thing is a big ploy to make people feel better about themselves. You do realize that if someone *actually* cured cancer, that a VAST number of hospitals would be put out of business? The money they make on issuing the medication and treatment, along with paying the doctors to oversee said patients is astounding. Too much money is stood to be made by treating these diseases without curing them.

                  • fella

                    Why did all this random nonsense start?

              • f@uXr3@l

                Ram it up your cunt faggot

              • M.B

                wow, just wow!

          • PWNT

            People who enjoy hating themselves.

      • http://www.last.fm/user/mutiilator Brand_n

        Same here. No clue who this jailbait is.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dtholcombe Daniel Holcombe

      Agreed… whoever posted this needs to lose submission privileges

    • nsdfkjngs

      The girl on the right is Lights, a synth-pop singer, for those that didn't know.

      • Alexitwin

        The other girl is her older sister. Lights is actually gorgeous and most Chivers would find her their perfect intellectual match.

        • Poot

          So you're saying she is a moron?

    • ACon


    • BigDingo

      Canadian… no idea who this fuglies are,,, blech

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=761074582 Jessica Condrey

        looks like these too chicks are going for the "Japanese Business Man Comb Over" hairstyle.

    • J.G

      this statement makes all Canadians cry…. if you're going to brag, do it with a straight flush, not a 5 and a 7 odd pair.

    • Biff

      Fugly. Stop giving canada such a bad rap. Post some decent women. idiot.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669440656 Steve Shaw

      I have lived here my entire life, and I have no idea who these "celebrities" are… can anyone enlighten me? They certainly aren't what I'd be posting as an offering of our countries hotness. Evangeline Lily, Kristen Kruek, Elisha Cuthbert…. why the hell would you post two no name fuglys? For shame!

    • AtomManhattan

      Seriously. Painfully average, at BEST.

    • taran

      Can you say female combover??

    • PWNT


    • shitballs

      one of them is a girl named lights, she is cute at the very least

    • Robinis

      ugly as shit

  • Maui B

    #27 – total Mind F**k First yo go OMG! then your like…Hmm 15,16 yrs?

    • Mark B

      Exactly! This post aint right, gents….

      • BigtoenailD

        no this girls prolly 20 or 21

        • yup

          Picture is from Met Art, around 2006.

    • Dunny_

      And then I realize that I just don't give a f**k about jail time because she is SO goddamn hot.

      • Dunny_again

        And then I realize that this is not a crime because it is a clothed girl on the internet.

  • effemel

    Random Hotness ftw, thanks for an amazing year Chive Bros, can't wait to see what 2011 brings

  • Borracho

    Thumbs up for moar #33

    • Catch

      she looks like a younger hotter version of Lauren Graham, who I've always had a thing for

      moar moar moar

      • OHAiTHARU

        what i wouldn't do for a 3-some with her and alexis bledel ;D

    • Don

      FIND HER!!!!!!

  • JPC

    #3 – Why are you continuing to show the same photo-shopped pictures? Is that post, showing more of them, supposed to prove that they were real? Because here is a link to the real pictures.

    Chive Fail.

    • JPC

      Notice, that they were found to be fake over a year and a half ago. Yet you people still somehow think that those might be real.

      • Chumpchange

        People drool over fake tits on this site everyday and there's no problem. What's the difference?

        • JPC

          The fake tits actually exist as something more than the result of using a tool in photoshop. You can touch fake tits. You can't touch a photoshop ass.

          • The Chivery

            Actually the dumbass saying goes "if you can touch them, they're real". Either way you ain't touchin' em', you're lookin' at 'em, and as long as it's visually appealing, I don't see the problem(either way they might as well be literally non-existant to anyone behind a computer screen).

            Besides, according the stupid as hell "if I can touch 'em, they're real", that means a guy in a red coat, fake white beard, and hat can hand you gift and call himself Santa. A child can tell you that don't make it so.

            • JPC

              Ok then, I personally think that something that ACTUALLY EXISTS is different than something created by a computer.

              I guess in your logic, hentai and computer-created porn are just the same as real-life porn, as long as it gives you an erection.

              • The Chivery

                Yeah, pretty much(doesn't do anything for me personally, but it's all the same to, or preferred by others). Simple.

                • wtf man

                  if it exists there is the remote possibility you can squeeze and snuggle those amazing pair of watermelons… However, if it is photoshoped it is an instant turn off, because you realize, there is no way in hell any girl in the world can have an ass like that. it depresses me… and i just had sex with a brazilian garota to start the year.
                  I DONT LIKE YOU

    • nwest

      fail, the second photo is shopped as well…

  • HoratioBoobles

    Find #27 she proves there is a benevolent God and I have fallen instantly in love

  • Sal

    #19 AHHHHHH

    • C-man

      Yup, I feel this way about KP even when she's made up. She can't sing and her only talent is having giant boobs, oooh I'm pretty impressed by that.

    • Zach

      Is that even Katy Perry? doesn't look like her at all..

      • sup

        Dude, when she on stage she got a ton of make up on her face. I wouldn't recognize my own sister with and with / o make up.

    • Dunny_

      Yeah, ya get the Bluto Blutarsky yell when the picture of Kent Dorfman shows up on the screen.
      Just more evidence that Zoey Deschanel is still hotter than Katy Perry.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669440656 Steve Shaw

        Dude, we don't need any more evidence – Zoey Deschanel is way hotter than Katy Perry, hands down.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Spaded21 Mark Konior

      I'm calling BS, that is not Katy Perry. TinEye found zero results of that picture on the internet.

      • HHNF_Beau

        Supposedly Russel Brand posted this picture on his twitter for a short while before taking it down. That's Katy Perry's husband.

    • Frank


    • Rosalita

      yeah but still… tits.

  • WaRi

    #3 #38 Total FAILS

  • Isaac

    #27 is probably the hottest girl ever

    • that-weed-dude

      hell yeah

    • kevin

      agreed 100%….we need to see more of her

  • Mr_MooseKnuckles

    #40 – Nice!

  • Dave

    #38 im pretty sure these two used to be guys at some point in there life. I hope this is not the best Canada has to offer. Please redeem yourselves. that is all

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669440656 Steve Shaw

      Come visit us Dave – we have much better to offer. Whoever sent this to the chive should be shot.

    • Canucker

      I agree, btw, I'm pretty sure #2 is Canadian. It's a start.

  • jamie

    #31 No

    • Chase

      #31 YES

      • Kurt

        Gotta agree with jamie; no.

    • Catch

      yep, no. duckface gonna take a lot more than that to compensate

  • Ghost Turd


    CAMEL TOE!!!

    • rdh014

      Oh goodness…it took forever for me to get down there! Nicely played!

    • Chris M

      Her vagina is eating her bikini

  • Mr. Awesomeness

    #31 yes, this rack overcomes duckface. We needed you for hot chivers. This week was terribad.
    #40 wins the day. And makes up for several of the atrocities in hot chivers this week.

  • darthvehder

    #2 I ❤ Bluebs

    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

      she is gross

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