It’s Friday, you could use some photobombs (23 Photos)

  • kualjo

    #12 and #22 – who's doing the bombing?

    • JONAS

      in #22 I believe it's the white boy

      • cantkillcastro

        #12 is just surprise buttsex!

  • jack


    • sthn

      It would be rude not to stare

  • Stewball


  • hector

    #2 WTF!! there's a good one for the bad parenting posts
    #23 Bill Murray FTW!!

  • femtrooper

    #11 Asian Carp are mad photobombers here. All up in everyone's business.

  • Scared of Clowns

    15 years ago #9 scared the crap out me…..I realized today that nothing has changed.

    • Hairy Keester

      Down here, they all float…

    • Paul

      Agreed. Pennywise will always be creepy. Thanks PW, I still can't go to the circus.

  • Cavall

    #13 Wow, they should get their own p.. oh wait.

  • billy

    #12 Surprise shocker

    • JCC

      Aw beat me to the exact same thought…

    • Morgan Freeman

      LOL. you beat me to it !!!

  • mclendonmeister

    #15 this guy is focused in

  • Morgan Freeman

    Happy new year to all you sexy Chivers !!! Even the non sexy Chivers, fat girls need love too….but they got to pay !!

  • BigDingo

    It's Friday… I could use some Chivettes (waits in anticipation)

    • Morgan Freeman

      Maybe a, best of the last year Sexy Chivette post. Come on Chive the year is almost over. Bring on the best of the best !!

  • ello


    • AnthraxPrincess

      I was waiting for this one to show up 😀

  • tippy6

    #9 When Pennywise arrives, I'm outta here…

    • BloodScrubber

      That just freaks me the hell out..


    Are we going to get a "best posts of the year" thread? I know that would be a huge thread but, I think it would be awesome! What say you chivers?

    • billy


  • bramer

    dont you hate it when you take a picture and suddenly a ginger jumps in #22

  • mipo2010

    Ive seen #13 like 3 times this week and I still had to pause and take a longer look…Is that a bad thing??

  • Ryan

    #17 dude. WTF. IS THIS REAL LIFE??!

  • Yo-dah my name it is

    #17 to take a shit, he must..

  • Jeremy

    #3 AFLACK!!!!!!!

    • BloodScrubber

      Ha…everyone was thinkin it you just know it.

  • Bazinga

    That guy must be huge in #12.

  • Nick

    I don't understand the appeal of photobombs, they are always boring.

  • Travis Pierce

    #21 Shirtless man approves

    • Tomasz Zee Buratynski

      i lol'd at ypur comment

  • anom

    so we all know #7 is fake as all hell right?

    • John McCain

      No it isn't.

  • Wiltz Cutrer
  • mitch

    I think we found #12 OH! FACE

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