Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

Oh yeah, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you Chivers out there!

  • chrisdg74

    #38 – God damn it! You're wasting it!

    -On a side note: May I lick that off you?

  • Robert

    #48 was pretty funny. I guess a party better suited for a five year old is better than no party at all.

  • 13ms13

    #12 dude must have had a boner

  • Generino

    #25 I bet they are naked under those costumes!

  • yelito

    #7 #16 #28 #41 for the win…team effort!

  • man


  • MacNCheese

    Who is #28? I saw the name Jaime. Jaime what?

    • do it

      jamie koeppe

  • Anonyymi

    Hi! What is the food in #15? Thanks. :*

    • Morgan Freeman

      mini pizza rolls !!!

  • two time

    we all agree, more #45

  • Nick

    Who is 33? Anyone? I desire more.

  • NiggerJim

    Niggers. Tits aren’t funny you dumb cunts. If I wanted covered up tits I’d fucking search it in Google.

    • Beau Young

      I can hear my brain getting stupider.

  • Bob

    More #36 is needed.

  • Sugreev2001

    #33 Insanely Hot

  • Diana Santos

    #32..thanks lol

  • patrickll

    moar #7

    • Jon

      what's her name ?

  • Menhir

    #33 is FOUND!!!

    Her name is Misa Campo. Google for Great Glory.

    Chive, please give us post.

  • Menhir

    #28 is FOUND!!!

    Her name is Jamie Koeppe. Google for Great Glory!!!

    • Menhir

      Jaime Koeppe!

  • Menhir

    #11 is Christy Hemme.

  • MrLogic

    Has everyone overlooked #19 so far? I certainly didn't.

  • kualjo

    I volunteer to be a handbra for #45 and #49 in order to prevent future lower back problems.

  • Amy

    Kermit with real eyes creeped me out so much my nipples got hard.

    • Melanie

      I was going to agree with you until the hard nipples part.. sorry Amy you are on your own this.

  • Viking

    Just awesome.

  • Miss T

    #38 Stop her! She is wasting the Jack!

  • Vic

    #15 #16
    15 i concur 16 i double concur

  • Jeremiah O'Callahan

    #28 shoulders of a god, Ass of a goddess

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